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Anybody know where Anne live's in Israeli? There was a boming in a cafe in Netanya Israeli. I hope it was't anywhere near her.At least no one died,it was late a night,and was almost empty.We are praying for all the people in Israeli. Stay safe Anne,and your family.
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Thanks Shirrel for caring!

I am fine and as far as I know so are my family members. Netanya is 30 minutes away from where I live and actually it's my hometown. Israel as a whole is very small - several times smaller than the smallest US state. The central area of Israel where most people actually live is even smaller - no larger than LA or NY. It would take you about an hour to cross that area from north to south - maybe an hour and a half. And 15 to 30 minutes to cross it West to East. What can I tell you - I guess Israel is a small country
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Anne Thank God you and your's are Ok That is small!
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My mom just phoned to tell me that my grandfather (who lives in Netanya) had been sitting right across from that cafe half an hour before the explosion! It's a nice piazza by the beach and he was just taking a rest from his stroll... how scary!
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God was with him and knew it was going to happen and made him leave!
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Glad you and Grndpa are OK, Anne.

We haven't heard from Nunny, though. Hope she's OK.
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OMG Anne!!! I am so glad your Grandfather is okay!!!! That is so scary!! I pray for you and your family every day....I hope and pray you all stay safe!
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God bless you all and keep you safe.
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I just cant imagine what it must be like for you Anne. Its a different world. I thought of you and nunny right away when i heard the news this morn. And your grand pa....that was too close. I am so glad you are OK and your family too!
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