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My dad who really does not care about the cats used weed killer a few weeks back to kill the weeds few days after all 4 of our cats 3 females 1 male start coughing/lossing there voice and being sick its calming down alot now and there voices are returning but are still coughing every now and then is there any permanent damamge done to all 4 cats? If so what should we do.

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I would take your cats to the vet for bloodwork and testing to see if there is any permanent damage.

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Perhaps dad needs to sniff a little weed killer and see how he likes it? J/K of course but not liking cats is not an excuse for subjecting them to a poison - he should discuss the use of weed killer etc with you *before* using it so precautions can be made. This is the responsible *adult* thing to do regardless of his likes or dislikes.

Oh and I'd tell him that he should pay for a vet visit for all the cats.
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Poisons can be so deadly to cats...it affects their kidneys very quickly. I sure would have a Vet check their blood for any temporary or permanent damage. Also, take the empty box of poison with you so the Vet can look at the ingrediants.

As for your Dad...well...you don't want to hear my opinion of what he did. Letting you know that he was going to poison the ground would have been a nice gesture on his part so that you could keep your cats from walking on it, or being around the poison.
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Not sure if there would be permanant damage done, but IMO you could build/buy a cat enclosure or train to harness/leash and keep them out of the area that was sprayed.
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