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R.I.P Kitten

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R.I.P Beautiful Kitten.

December 2007-June 2008

You will be painfully missed by anyone who ever came across you.

May angels lead you in...

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Oh how sad I am so sorry RIP Sweet boy
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RIP little boy! Sorry you lost you little boy.
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Have a wonderful time at the bridge you sweet boy

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what a shock - i must've missed the thread w/his struggle
& for you & yours... & a for Kitten ...
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Ahh, there was no thread it was sudden.. He was run over, he was determined to go outside no matter how much i tried to keep him inside, poor little baby.
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i'm so sorry for your loss.

i have a cat who would hate to be indoors all the time, i know how hard it is when all we want to do is protect them.

you loved him and he loved you. his time here was never meant to be for long.

RIP sweet kitten.
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RIP Kitty. I am sorry for your loss.
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I'm sorry for your loss.
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Condolences on your loss. Play happily over RB, sweet boy - your spirit is finally free
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It's horrible to lose him, especially since i've lost 2 cats before him to the road, but he loved the outdoors and he just wouldnt stay inside. My 15 year old is smart and won't go near the road and my 5 year old is a scaredy cat who won't go near the road either.

I told myself no more cats but being good friends with the lady who found the litter of kittens, she is a breeder and has a cat boarding lodge, Baileys brother, who happens to be identical to him, never found a home and still lives in the cattery and is 9 months old now. When i am a bit better about losing my little boy I am going to adopt him, hopefully he will be a bit smarter and i can give him a good life seeing as he would have spent the last 9ish months in a cage.
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which one passed away?
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Poor baby. May he play with my cat Bubba in kitty heaven....
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R.I.P, little kitten.

I'm very sorry for what happened to your kitten.
I know how it feels. I've had the same thing happen to me. I hope you will still be happy, even though your cat is playing happily on the Rainbow Bridge.
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