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Sunday's DT

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Good Morning!It is only 27* today,just a light dusting of snow,it is going to be warm later in the week.Hope so!
I went to Petsmart and Petco yesterday,I was not imperssed[sp] with Petco,it was a small store,dirty,and thing's cost more than at Petsmart,I bought a fish tank at petsmart a 5 gallon with everything you need to start up[except fish,plant's,gravel],for $ 39.00 at petco the same setup was $49.00.I will be going back to Petsmart.
Have a nice day! God Bless !!
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It's been really cold at night with lows in the 20's here too lately!!! Yuck!!! I want warm spring weather... :flower::flower::flower:
One of my neighbors moved out of her apartment building this week. And now there's a H-U-G-E dumpster out in the street overflowing with all the stuff she didn't want anymore. I am hoping to move soon too, and seeing that overflowing dumpster really scares me. I hope I won't need to get a dumpster like that when I move!!!! I am going to spend some time spring cleaning this afternoon and throwing unneeded things away.

Have a nice day everyone!
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it's been really really nice outside here.

i have soooo much to do today. Dh got me up early and so far I started snowwhite's webpage.
Now i have to make some bracelets!! (that always makes me happy)
Go to walmart and pic up some pets stuff.
Update some more of my website to the spring version.
Clean the fish tank.
Clean the kitchen.
Do some wash!
I should die my hair...going gray at 24...NO FAIR!
I think that is it :LOL:
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It's a beautiful day here today. I would've enjoyed it more if I didn't feel so sick I'm having a lot more morning sickness this time around and evening sickness too...

Val, I started dying my hair when I was 22 - and I think I have a lot of gray hair underneath my color

Have a good day everyone!
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I am beating the pack here. I started at age 19. Needless to say, I haven't seen my real hair in quite some time.
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I can't remember what my natural color is!!
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I've said for years that I will never know when I go completely grey, because I will just keep dyeing my hair! I was a towheaded (white-blonde) kid, my hair got darker and darker blonde until by the time I got to college it looked like a mousey color between blonde and brown. People asked me why I dyed my hair such an unflattering color! So I started bleaching it and kept that up for a few years until I had destroyed my hair
After a few years of short hair in its natural state, I started dyeing my hair red, and it has been that way ever since! People are shocked to find out I am not a "natural redhead", I guess it is the Irish genes.
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Originally posted by sherral46
I can't remember what my natural color is!!
Same here. I've been so many shades of blonde and red, I'm not sure WHAT it is, any more.

I started life as a towhead and it got darker, as I got older. I think its dark ash blonde. The past couple of years, some grey has been growing in, at the temples. THAT does not stay! Right now, I'm a light ash blonde.

Its warm and sunny here and that awful wind finally died down. We have errands to run and I'm watching some of the air show, from the back yard.

Yesterday, we parked near the end of the main runway (off base) and watched. The aerobatics are interesting. I wasn't to thrilled with the reenactment of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They had a squadron of Zeros (replicas) and ground pyrotechnics. That was a bit much, for me.

Have a good one.
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Don't throw away the old stuff hun! Why not donate it for others who might need it? Like old clothes to the salvation army and such..
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I'm not sure if this is about hair or moving or if I should mind my own business because it's a group thing. BUT I'm here:
Burrr...it's rainy and chilly here..a good day for a duck!!!!
My neighbor to has just moved after 23 years. She took every last thing down to the light bulbs :goodbad: (Iguess not on good terms)
Who doesn't wash that gray right outta their hair? Even if I am young, I want to be a drop dead redhead and so I am!!! When ever someone asks "Is that your real color?" I say "do you really see it?" Chow,
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
I started dyeing my hair red, and it has been that way ever since!
I'm interested in being a redhead...how often do you have to dye it? I heard that unlike browns, you have to dye your hair more often because red doesn't 'keep' as long.

Can you tell I'm a hair color novice??

I have been sooo busy this morning. Cooking up a storm. I did a huge batch of spagetti with meat sauce, froze half. Did chicken breasts in the crockpot with brown rice and cheddar broccoli soup, chicken in the crockpot with taco seasoning and salsa, some of which I'll make into a 'mexican spagetti' and some of which I'll just throw cheese and sour cream on and serve that way. Browned up 3lbs of ground beef. One went in the spagetti sauce, one I added taco seasoning to and froze for tacos and a later date and one I just browned and froze for a casserole or some other recipe later. I made some tuna salad for lunches this week and I'm planning on making some couscous and polenta. I love to cook but never have the energy during the week, so I do all my cooking on the weekends and just reheat monday through friday.

All the laundry is done, we have clean sheets on the bed and I washed the comforter. I cleaned out the fridge and the freezer and made a list of everything in the freezer for easy access. I don't know what my deal is today! I've been sick for the past 6 days so I guess I'm just anxious to be busy since I finally feel like myself.

SS, I agree about donating to the salvation army, good will, whatever. I usually take a couple bags once a month. I love getting clutter cleared out and hopefully someone else can use it.

Sherrel, you know, I find better prices at petco than petsmart. I find that petco has a better selection of cat treats than PS. I don't know why that is. I love to get my girls the freeze dried shrimp. I can only find that at petco. It's their favorite treat.

Have a good one everybody!
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Originally posted by airprincess
I'm interested in being a redhead...how often do you have to dye it? I heard that unlike browns, you have to dye your hair more often because red doesn't 'keep' as long.
It depends. It took a while of trying different brands to find one that wouldn't wash out, even though it was a "Permanent" hair dye. It seems that the old dyes that they used turned out to be carcinogenic, so I am grateful that they switched. My hair grows very fast, but I find that I can get away with sometimes 5 to 6 weeks in between dyeing, because my roots are a little lighter (if not as bright) as the dyed part.

Brands I would recommend for good, long lasting reds: Feria, L'Oreal Rouges Romantiques, and Hydrience. I have NOT had good results with Loving Care, Miss Clairol and Garnier products. But that's just my experience!

A must for those dyeing their hair red is shampoo/conditioner for color treated hair, preferably one for red hair. It is less harsh and won't strip the color from your hair.
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I have been dying my hair since atleast age 14, and right now I'm finally trying to grow out the natural color so I guess I'll be finding out what it is!! (used to be blonde, who knows now, my roots look to dark to be blonde tho.. this is exciting!)

I sent fi off to work at the crack of dawn in the 3-4 inches of snow we got overnight (um.. yesterday it was 72.. ack) and have spent all morning doing laundry, cleaning, etc. Tomorrow's my moms bday and she's having a get together today with family at 2ish, which is going to be interesting as always.. There goes my diet, lol.. Fi is supposed to pick her up some potted flowers on the way home from work so maybe it will spring up the winterness outside.. We can't wait to just lay around tonite and watch a movie or something, that will be awesome.. It seems like so long since we could sleep in..

Our Goodwill/Salv Army etc are snobs, they won't accept used furniture even if it's in great condition, because apparently they only have room for new stuff.. I dont see why they can't charge like $5 for a gently used couch, I'm sure it would help people out.. But I have to admit there is a lack of space.. O well..

Everyne have a great day :daisy:
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thanks Sue! I'll look into the brands you recommended.

Annabelle, that's interesting about your SA. I don't think ours EVER gets new stuff. If they do I've never seen it. All the furniture there is obviously used and not always 'gently' :laughing:
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Originally posted by 55Dali
My neighbor to has just moved after 23 years. She took every last thing down to the light bulbs (Iguess not on good terms)
My neighbor didn't leave on good terms either. This is what she told me happened:

She was burning a scented candle surrounded by potpurri(sp?) when she fell asleep. She thinks her cat may have done something to wake her up later, because her apartment was filled with thick smoke and her smoke alarm hadn't gone off. She even had to go to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. She said when she complained to her landlord about her smoke alarm not working he acted like a jerk so she decided very quickly that she was moving.

I don't know her landlord, but everyone in our neighborhood knows he doesn't take very good care of his property. Everyone in that building is lucky there wasn't a major fire!!!!

Annabelle, I don't think the SA in my area ever gets new stuff either.
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Well they have booted mom out of the hospital last night due to the SARS epidemic. If you can survive on your own you have got to go. She was up all night throwing up - I don't think she was ready to go home yet!

The drive - in was fun, but cold last night. The movies were ok (Tears of the Sun and Basic), but not spectacular. Hubby fell asleep during the 2nd feature. The popcorn was great.

Spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. I will go to work tomorrow and I have the rest of the week off to take care of my mom.

I used to dye my hair constantly (from grade 8) In highschool they never knew from one week to the next what kind of hairstyle I would show up with. In grade 11 I was a blonde and decided to go back to my original brown. The blue pigment in the brown and the yellow pigment in the blonde turned my hair a lovely shade of khaki. Fortunately it was the night of the Halloween dance, so no one thought to say anything for about a week. After a week I got questions as to when I was going to get rid of the green. I went to my hairdresser (I did the green thing to myself) and he said it couldn't be fixed without stripping my hair of all of it's colour. I had green hair for about 1 year before it all grew out. I still have friends to this day that call me Kermie. In my mid 20's I decided to go back to the natural look. I have not dyed my hair now for a fee years. I don't mind the grey - I have earned every one of them!

Hope everyone has a great week!
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