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My name is Donna and I go by Catluv. I helped rescue a tiny pregnant cat a week ago. Her belly was so big the vet said that delivery was imminent. We had her tested (negative) and I took her to my home to foster for Happy Tales (a no-kill rescue shelter in Franklin, TN.) She was so small that the babies could not be born and sadly died. They were delivered by cesarean. She had ruptured her uterus trying to have them so the vet did a spay at the same time. She had been through so much we weren't even sure that she would make it, but she's a tough little cat and is doing wonderfully now at my home. I named her Priscilla (Prissy for short)and she is one of the sweetest cats I have ever known. I have 8 of my own or I would keep her instantly. When she is fully recovered, she will go to Happy Tales to be adopted out. They are very strict on whom they adopt animals to so I'm sure she will be with someone very nice. She should have only the best human Mommy.