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painful hip/leg

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Hello all,
I have just joined your forum, as I have used your advice in the past as a 'guest' reader, and its been pretty useful!
I have a 1.5 year old tom cat who has developed what seems like a painful rear leg and back after a trip outdoors exploring. He moans when we pick him up, growls when i stroke his back and nearly bit me when i touched his leg!
his claws are all fine so i don't think he was hit by a car and there is no external signs of damage. He isn't really walking around much but doesn't seem to have much of a limp, but he has been asleep now for nearly 2 days and seems uncomfortable lying on his side.
He has eaten and used his litter tray.
Do you think this needs a trip to the vets?
Many thanks for your future help!
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With those symptoms I would certainly take him to the vet.

Good luck. I hope he is OK.
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I took him to the vets last night and they said it was probably just a sprain or muscle injury, so they gave him some anti-inflammatory medication. This morning he is up and about eating breakfast and purring again!
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I'm glad a he had a vet visit and that everything will be okay. We once had a cat who was suddenly very sensitive about having his hindquarters touched--a trip to the vet visit taught us that he had a small puncture wound next to his rear end. Apparently he tangled with either another cat or a neighborhood raccoon, and then he got hit while running away.
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