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Cat always licking me

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It's really weird and funny. Everytime I get close to my cat she does everything to try and lick my hair. And if she can't lick my hair she will lick me somewhere else lol. Sometimes she tries to grab my head so she can lick me.

And she does it like all the time. Even when I pat her she tries to lick me.

Any idea why my cat has this sort of behaviour?
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Lorelei does this too, though usually just to my arms or elbow, but she's finally figured out how to get my hair.

I think they're trying to groom us. She even nibbles on the skin/hair to try and pull out the "mats"
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I have a cat who does this also...but she usually restricts it to when we start brushing her, then you always need to let her lick you or else she gets mad

You shouldnt have to worry about it, in my experience it basically means they love you and want to return the favor of petting or grooming
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It is a sign of affection.. They can't say it so they show you love. Mary grooms me all of the time and I am her favorite human so I know it is love.
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How about cats that lick shirts? My cat Buddy has licked shirts since I can remember. He'll do it for like 20 minutes straight, and when he's done you have a big gross wet spot on your shirt.
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