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Daily Thread Tues June 3rd!

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Good morning!!

Its going to to be rainy and mild today..I don't really mind the rain. It means I can give the masses a break from my whitey legs

3 MORE DAYS until my man gets here. We had a good talk last night though which is nice.

Off to the gym after work..and I get done at 2:30 today

Nothing much else..have a good one folks!
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Gooood Morning!

I'm at my nans today whilst my mom is at work, and later on I will be off to school for an exam revision session uhhh....
Only 3 more exams to go! And my GCSE's will be OVVERRRR!!

Have a good day peeps!
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It's raining here today, but i'm pleased because my feed will be getting right into the lawn

Nearly time to get the nose bag on and i'm so ready for it
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Holed up in bed at the moment recovering from tummy bug last night, so it's pure bed rest and plenty of tv for me boring!
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Right now I am getting ready to go to work. Got two loads of freight to ship out today so far, got 4 loads to schedule for pickup, going to start up a new cycle count program today so i will be in meetings with the warehouse supervisor today to get it started, then its off to the tanning bed and dreaded laundry. Have a good day all.
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We had some rain last night and there is a chance in the forecast for tonite. Big temp dip though as yestersday we were in the upper 70's and will be in low 60's tonite. Breezy too.

Will visit a client this morning then do some grocery shopping. If it dries up a bit outside I might do some more weeding. Or take a nap as Bakker was making laps around my head very early this morning.

Having salmon, pasta and veggies for dinner tonite.
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Morning All!!!!

Rainy here as well and looks like it's going to stay that way most of the day.

Heading off to work shortly but should be done by 3. Want to go over to Walmart afterwards and pick up a few items I need.

Other then that nothing specific planned, just a evening in front of the TV.

Kitties are good this morning, chasing each other around the house right now...

Everyone have a great day
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Rain all over the place, it looks like! Same here... has been since last night, but it's Portland, we get rain most of the time anyway...

Today is my Saturday, but I'll be a bit busy: shelter time from 11-2 and then my massage appt a little after that. At some point, a guy is going to come look at the dryer in my apt, because it's making a funny noise... I don't know if he'll be here today or what...

I spent way too much money at work yesterday, but hopefully will see a return on it once I make purses from the fabric and sell them! So once my current load of laundry is done, I'll start pre-washing my fabric so I can get to making purses!!

Have a wonderful (wet) day today everyone!!
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I'm not doing much today. I am off work. I am going to go to London to go to Costco in a little while and then maybe to dinner and see a movie later.
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Hello all!

Today has been ok so far. I slept in for a little this morning and then did a few search and rescue drills with the dog. After that I cleaned up around the house for a bit.

I went to my GI doctor this afternoon (how sad is it that i know all of his staff on a first name basis I'm there soo much it's not even funny!) I consider it a good visit because i didn't have to get any blood work So that was totally fine by me!!! They put me on some new stuff for my stomach so once again i'll do the wait and see game- hopefully this stuff will help though!

After that i went to my sisters house for a little bit and then grabbed some dinner with my mom. Now that it's calming down a bit i might go do a few more SAR drills with the dog again.....that's pretty much it for me!
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