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TCS 2009 Calendar

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I was reading through the forums and on a person's siggy it said about TCS Calendar 2009. I just wandered whether you could buy it off here or if it's only for the American users or what!? Lol I'm just curious as to see what cute little kitties are going to be on it! And if I am able to buy it then I might do!


Laura x x
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The calendar will be offered in conjunction with our monthly photo contests. There is more information in this month's voting thread.

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ok thanks!
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I could have sworn there was another thread about when it would be released and what/when the remaining months would be. Since I can't find it, I'll make my suggestion here... since it was so hard to choose just 3 winners for each month, have you consiered doing a page-a-day type calebdar for 2010? That way you don't have to narrow it down as much? I'm failr sure there have been enough entries each month.
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ME TOO!!! I've always wondered about it! I want one too!!!!
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Here's the thread with the dates and themes for the last 3 months.


I would love to do a 365 days calendar, but I don't know of a place to get those printed for a reasonable price. We're doing this calendar through CafePress so it will be available to all of our members at a reasonable price, and we won't end up with 500 extra calendars and losing money on it.
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