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New kitten's doing fine, but her stomach seems big

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My 6 week old kitten's stomach has become somewhat bloated, and I don't know whether I should be concerned.

She's been to the vet last week, when her stomach started getting bigger, and he told me not to worry and that she was only constipated (although she did use to go about once/twice a day, maybe not as much as she should be). He ruled out worms as well. She's always had plenty of water to drink, and is eating well (dry kitten food moistened in water). The vet gave her a pill to loosen her bowels, and she did "go" more often on the first couple of days, and now goes several times a day, which seems normal.

She still seems fine, except that her stomach is still big! She's as active as ever, running around and isn't complaining. When on an empty stomach, there's slight bulge around her waist, but once she eats she becomes really round, and I mean "really" round, and stays that way for several hours. She even walks funny when she's fattened up, ..well "funnier".
I should probably mention that I found her when she was about 3 weeks old, and she was really skinny back then and struggled for the first week, so this sudden change is quite confusing, unless it's normal...

I've been patient, but I can't help but feel that something's out of place. I've had a kitten once a very long time ago, but I can't remember how "rounded" a normal kitten should be. Should I take her back to the vet? Could this be a sign of any disease? She hasn't gotten any bigger since the last time she was at the vet's.

Sorry for making this long, Thanks!
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It can be Worms. I had Kittens like that and they had Tapeworms.
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My first thought was also worms. How did the vet rule out worms? I'd ask for another test, which usually requires a stool specimen. (Oh joy! LOL) Worms are very common in kitties so it wouldn't surprise me if this is what she has going on.
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The vet did examine a stool sample.. I might have to take her back for another test, but only after the weekend. Her tummy still seems bloated...

I also gave her dry kitten food today, as I hope to wean her off her kitten mush as soon as possible (I've got a major ant problem and she's the messiest thing during meals), anyway, she pretty much swallowed her food whole instead of chewing it, which was quite alarming, so I went back to her kitten mush. She can probably digest it like that, but I don't want her choking on it, so is that OK? Or am I just worrying too much?

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Do you have a picture?
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Add some warm water to the dry food to make it more mushy. That might help her not eat it so fast.
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has she been wormed yet? All kittens need to be dewormed a few times usually, no matter what.
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When I took her to the vet (just over a week ago) he did give her a pill for the worms, even though he had said that wasn't her problem. Should this be enough to rid her of any worms she might have? And how long does the effect last? She doesn't seem any different now from how she looked last week.
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I'm wondering if she is eating too fast and its air/gas build up in the stomach.
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