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Mia's kittens...*Cuteness Warning*

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I've been entirely remiss in posting pictures of the foster babies that I have. I posted about them when they were born, and when the momma's name was Vixen. Now they're 9 weeks old, and momma's name is Mia...Momma Mia to be exact

Here's Violet



Nicky & Violet


JoJo and Rosie

JoJo, Nick, and Rosie (poor quality, but I had to shoot it through a screen door at night)

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They are adorable kittens! Have to admit I was curious about naming the mommy kitty Mia, was it for her becoming a mom in May? My kitty is Maia for when I adopted her, May 8th, named after the Greek goddess Maia, goddess of spring and new beginnings......
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They are adorable. I love to look at the kitten pictures here, a way to get my 'kitten fix'.
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Oh i could eat them all up! Every single one of them are as cute as buttons, and that last picture is so precious

Awwww and look at Nicks little toothy pegs
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Absolutely adorable!!
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Mia's kittens are all cutie pies.
I am in love with her tabico, Rosie.
The humans who open their homes and hearts to these darling babies will be rewarded a million times over with sweet purrs and forever love.
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I love the last pic of th3 3 of them lined up! They are so adorable!! You've done a great job socialising them
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Oh my Heart Can they be any cuter
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I want them, all of them! They are so cute! I think rosie is my favorite, no nick, no violet, no....
They are really cute though, thank you for sharing their pictures. Every now and then I wonder if Raven and Jack would like a little brother or sister.
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Oh my, major CUTENESS!!
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Cuteness, indeed!! Oh, my! I'm in love with all of them, but particularly Nick
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Oh Kelly look at those beautiful babies They look so healthy and happy.
Rosie Do you think that smudge on her nose will get darker as she ages and she will be be little Rosie fo sure?
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They are adorable! Especially Nicky & Violet. I just want to smooch their little faces.
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Nick is a Bayley look alike for sure

They are all so, so adorable
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They are just plain adorable!! Congrats for taking care of these darlings!
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They are all just completely adorable!

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Cute is quite the understatement!
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Thank goodness for the cuteness warning!

I can't even pick a favorite!
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Rosies mine, K!
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What beauties...I'm in love with Rosie and Jojo...
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My Rosie would love giving all those babies some mothering
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I want to steal your JoJo .... he's way too cute!
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