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I spy

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Do you ever secretly watch your cats. I love to sneak up on Popsie and watch him. Then when he sees me he meows like "hey, how long have you been there." Just now he was up on my bed and I sneaked up there and he got on my night stand and was sniffing around. Then I tossed a toy up on the bed and he wasn't sure what it was so he just stood there trying to see if it moved again. Then I threw another toy and he saw me. I'm surprised he didn't here me giggling the whole time.
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Aw, Popsie, you silly boy!

I try to do that to Evie, but it's usually her sneaking up on me...
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Reminds me of the time I did something similar to Shark once...I made her jump by accident, and she nearly shot out of her bed! The look she gave me afterwards though was so funny...
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