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I have an interview tomorrow for a new job...

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After 12 years in my current field, I am moving on to something different. I can hardly believe it, but I am burned out from veterinary medicine. I am applying to work at the Veteran's Hospital to be...well, an assistant to an assistant, I'm assuming. To start anyway. I am just getting my foot in the door, and then transferring. I plan to work my way up. At the VA, you can only apply for certain jobs, "inside jobs" if you already work there. General public can't apply for some things, and the small amount of jobs they post, you gotta hope a veteran didn't apply for it too, because no matter what, they take the veterans first, so right now I have to take what I can get. I was first on this list particular of potentials, with no vets before me! I've only been applying since November. It's not bad at all, I will be making $2 more an hour to start, and that's just one of many perks to the job. Better hours, better pay, better benefits, off on all non major and major holidays, and PAID for holidays. Something else I don't have right now. 401K, pension, all kinds of things. It's going to be a great step towards securing my future. At the vet clinic, I was going nowhere, topped out pretty much unless I went to school to become certified or moved to a different state where I would get more. It seems I'm going from one "vet" clinic, to another. Ha
Now, if only I ace the interview, I may have a new job in a couple weeks! After 12 years, is change scary? Yeah. Worth it? You bet.
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Best of luck with your interview
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Wow! How scary/exciting! Good Luck!!!
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Today I have butterflies in my stomach!!
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Good luck with the interview today!!
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Gooddd luck!!!!!!!
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Hope everything goes great! Good luck on your interview!!
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1.- donĀ“t get nervous!...vibes for you!..
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

2.- My best wishes for good luck
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What a great thing, to be able to do something for veterans! I hope you get it!
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I got the job!!!! Thanks for everyone's well wishes! I start the 23rd!
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That was quick! Congratulations.
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Hooray for you! Working for the federal government is a great job. The bennies are excellent.

I'm happy for you. The only person who really likes change is a baby. I'm proud you made that leap of faith. It would be awful if you stayed at a job you didn't like just because you were afraid of the change.
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