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here him looking at me... Mommy i wanna seee!!!!
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Very cute! Is Snowwhite their mom, too?
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I don't think so. They were found in the woods at my parents house straving at around 5 week old... it is possible though because i don't live that far from my parents (only about two miles) :LOL: so if she got around alot about three years ago she could be there mommy.
neo is sitting by the door meow like CRAZY right now. I can't hear if she is talking back though. but he is doing all these cute little sounds!! Sounda like he is asking questions :LOL:

Ashton, Lilly, and sherbert are her babies from the last litter. I don't know what happen to the litter before them
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Princess Purr, I'm so glad dh trapped Snowwhite! It sounds like things are going really well, so far. Just wanted to let you know I'm keeping your furbabies in my prayers!

BTW - those pics of Neo trying to catch are peek are really cute - thanks for sharing!

...I hate to throw a damper on the excitment going on here... kittens are so cute and so much fun!

But for those of you who haven't been over to the Feral Colonies forum recently, I thought I'd post this link. It is really sad. When ferals breed in the wild, there are so many things that can go wrong. As to the litter of kittens Princess Purr referred to that went "mia," it is very possible that they were killed by a feral tom. This happens frequently. Cats are very efficient reproducers - and if a tom kills a litter, it throws the mom back into heat. Here's a link for those who want to know more: Male Cats Kill Kittens

...and just by way of education, as long as I've posted this much, I might as well go on to add that breeding females can go back into heat as soon as they're done weaning the litter. That means that in the wild, unspayed females can have up to 6 litters a year!!!! The number of kittens that can be produced from a single unspayed female cat is literally staggering. That's why there is such a push on the part of so many to encourage low-cost (or free) spay-neuter programs at the State, National, and local levels. If you want to read about how bad the problem is, feel free to take a peek at this essay on the subject: Cat Overpopulation leads to high rate of euthanization. Don't visit this site if you want to retain your smile...


Sorry Princess Purr - didn't mean to interrupt your happy thread with serious stuff, but this information is just so important, I hope you understand!!! I'll get off my soapbox now (I'm just such a nut when it comes to education re: spay/neuter. It saves so many potentially unhappy or unhealthy lives). And Princess Purr, you're such an angel for doing what you are to care for and spay/neuter the cats around you. It IS difficult, because it seems as soon as you start caring for even just one feral, it's like you've lit up a neon sign for cats, and it is difficult to afford all the attention they all need.


Now back to our regular broadcast.... :tounge2:
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i'm really happy you posted the info!! it is important that people know that this isn't a game. I'm pretty sure dh and i are at an understand that we are keeping everyone. It is kitten season and the chance of them finding homes will be slim. I just keep hoping a praying that a kitty angel is watching over me and is going to let me be able to provide for them..i think there is one because my store is hopping today!
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I would just like to interject one thing as well. It is imperative that you take mom to the vet as soon as possible. Although she may not appear sick, she could have problems that would interfere with her kittens, even a parasitic problem. Your vet will be able to look at her, take her blood and test her for kitty diseases so your other cats don't come down ill. Also he will know the cat in case something happens during delivery and you have to call him. So please take her in as soon as possible-

(Sorry just sharing Laurie's soapbox for a moment)
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Princess Purr, I'm so glad to hear this!!!! But there are resources out there, and I am going to help find them!

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that will be great i can't thank you enough! I'm hoping my vet or one near me is required to do low cost spay and neutering.

It's funny when i was working there was a person in my office that had 13 cats. She said they all just wondered up, she lived close to atlantic city so she took them there to be fixed, anywho... i said "awww i love cats, i was so luck to find moe and neo i wish some would wonder up to my house" lesson learned...be careful what you wish for! you might just get it!
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Princess Purr, that is SO true!!!!

Oops! Sorry Hissy, I didn't notice your post. Princess Purr, hissy just recently had a really depressing experience with a pregnant feral. Here's a link to her thread in the feral forum: My New Feral Needs Your Prayers

I've never had a mom feral inside while giving birth, so I've never been in a position to help by getting her to a vet. As you can see from hissy's experience, it can be really, really important.


OK. NOW back to your regularly scheduled broadcast of kitties, pics, Snowwhite updates and ideas for names....
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All these pictures here are so cute!!! I am glad to hear Snowwhite did well on her first night inside! How is she doing now?
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she is still doing really good!! she purrs when i talk to her, and every time she sees me she starts eating... i'm not sure what that is about! I'm going to post some pics in a little bit of the stuff i bought to see if it is good to use!
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i'm reading hissy's post about her pregant feral now...how awful maybe if everyone can start praying that snow white has a good birthing that will help.
i sure hope she can do this by herself. I'm going to post some new belly pics. She looks even bigger then yesterday. I'm going to have to give my vet a call and make sure i have emergancy numbers on hand and see if i can dig up some money to get her in.
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Princess Purr, please go check your PMs again! Thanks!
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i just checked the other board i got to a message pops up when you have pms so i always forget to check them here :LOL:
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Has anyone used critter care natural bedding for small animals? I just picked some up at walmart. It is supposed to be better than pine and cedar and contains no aromatic oils or hydrocarbons. I was wondering if anyone has used this, and if it would make a good bedding for snowwhite to have her kittens in?
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almost forgot. the kittie gods are smiling on me. My grammie just slipped my hubby more the enough money to take snow white to the vet so i'm going to get her a night appoinment this week....do you think she will hate me for this?
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Whee!! That is great news!

Keep us posted! The vet may be able to x-ray her and give you an idea of how many kittens to expect.
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i'm going to drive you crazy! now only am i worried about her hating me but she has the almost healed...~*maybe*~ bite mark on her back. you don't think they would do anything like say she has to be put to sleep because she might have rabies? would she be showing signs already. the hair is starting to grow back, so it is pretty old.
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According to the CDC, rabies will show up, and will be noticeable to even an untrained observer, in an exposed animal within 10 days, usually by 3-5 days. If the cut/bite is almost healed,I would say she should be safe. Hope that helps ease one of your worries!
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yes that makes me feel much much MUCH better!! thank you!!

and here is a new belly pic! I swear she looks bigger by the hours :LOL:

there are two more posted on here story page, the link is in my siggie. I hope i can get in to the vet on tuesday. I think that is when they are open late!
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Yes, she certainly does look MUCH bigger than those last pictures! Wow!
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yea i can't beleave how HUGE she looks. I hope i can get her to the vet in time! I really don't want to stress her out is she is close to the kittens coming. I wonder when!
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OMG!!! She is huge!!!! WOW!!! She won't hate you...she might wonder what is going on, but they get over it quickly enough. And the vet will probably want to give her rabies shot, although I'm not sure if they can do that with her being pregnant, I don't know if that would matter or not, they might have to wait on that...I am so not good at this kind of information...I always leave it up to the experts here, like Hissy!
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Has information about vaccinating pregnant cats from a licensed Veterinarian.
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thanks for the link!!

even if they don't do anything too her, i guess it would be good for her to go in. just so they can feel her tummy and look her over. Also i can talk to the vet about a deal to get her and the kitties fixed! I still can't beleave this is happening! feels like a really weird dream.
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Getting her to the vet is the best thing. You will get an idea of how far along she is, possibly the number of kittens to expect, and also can discuss with the vet what to do about kitten care once they're born.

When my vet heard the story behind Lilith and her kittens (she was pregnant when we adopted her from the SPCA, a big surprise to us!), he offered to spay any kittens we kept at the SPCA rate. Well, we kept all 6, so that was a tremendous savings! There are great and compassionate vets out there. You can also ask if there is a "Good Samaritan discount", which some vets give re: rescued cats.
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that would be so great if our vet did something like that!!
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she is not eating half as much as normal this morning, and she keeps meowing at me loadly. She used her litter box...but missed and the bottom of the crate was all wet, so i had to clean that up. I the bottom of one of those big enclosed litter pans in there with some animal bedding (create comfort or something like that, it is supposed to be better then cedar and pine). I really think the kittens are going to come soon. I might not be one much today because we have to try to find my dog!!!
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Oh boy! I missed out the good news over the weekend!! congrats!! by the way, I know i don't read the whole of the story. Is mama cat okay in the cage for a few days? I do not know much about pregnant feral being happy in cage and can't move around much.. Because i want to know what to do with preg ferel in the future if i find them like your situation.

I am very excited to read your update on whitesnow..
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Princess Purr, how's it going with Snowwhite? Is she OK? Have you gotten her to the Vet, or are you going tonight? I've been thinking about all of you!!!!!
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