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update on snowwhite's first night in!

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I was having a very very awful day. Snowwhite didnt show up. neo was choaking on something and i had to pull it out of his month, i got no sleep last night. So i went to bed to take a nap in tears I wake up and hubby says you owe me big time. And i said why, and he said come here... So i did...anddddd snow white is in the crate!!! yea baby!! still very preggers, he said she let him pick her up and her tummy felt really hard. Does that means kittens are coming soon!! I'm going to go get some pics now but i was so excited i just had to tell you guys! I'm going ot finally do it!! I'm going to to be a grandmeow again, but this will be her LAST litter. I'm so happy I could cry! I just hope everything goes good with the birth!

be right back with pics of snow white!!! :tounge2:
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I am glad she is captured! Just make sure and give her plenty of nesting material, and she will let you know when the babies are due. She will get restless, and pace and cry and stop eating 24 hours before they appear. I am glad she is not outside any longer. Great job to hubby.
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That is wonderful!!! Cheers for him!

Any chance you can get her to a vet? They can tell you how far along she is and can also give you an idea of how many kittens to expect.

Congrats, soon-to-be Grandmeow-ma!
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I am happy for you and your kitty's,boy do you owe your hubby!!!
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there are three pics. I managed to cut my hand on the can food lid and that hurts BAD now. here is pic one. I need to do some work in the crate. I didn't think she was getting caught today so dh stuck a towel in there for her. I have the crate covered on three side with a blanket so it is private. I put some can food toward the back so i can change her litter up front. Dh put some dry food up front to get her in there. I'm so excited!! I'm finally going to stop making the problem worse (just feeding her) and start fixing it (by fixing her! )!

here is her side view
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here is her belly from the side view
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and here is my poor babies belly from top view! think she is pretty big!
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Hmm, she is big, but I think she will get bigger. Lilith was HUGE just before she went into labor.
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woah that is big. I have never seen her much bigger then this. i wonder how much longer she has to go. hubby is so worried about keep in cooped up.
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A few days before she had the kittens, Lil went to walk into our bedroom. The door was partially closed over. She took a step into the room and stopped; she was stuck in the doorway. She had to back up and bat it open wider so she could fit through. We said she looked like a termite queen LOL. She was huge, and appeared even more so because she is such a little girl. She was barely a year old when the kittens were born. She's stayed little, only Max is smaller than her at this point. Blondie is maybe 1 1/2 times her size! Sometimes we tease her and say, "There is no way all these kittens could have come out of you!"
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I don't know if it is possible or not, but if there is a room where you can put her and the cage and close it off, and open the cage that would be best. Cover the cage with a dark thick cloth (leaveing enough room for air to circulate, but letting her have the room to roam in and the cage to sleep in would be the best deal for her.
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she is in the laundry room now. Dh said she was pretty good about going into the crate so i might be able to just let her roam around there. neo keeps standin at the door and meow to her...he is so cute!! he can't see her but i guess he can hear her. I'm going to open all the windows in there up everyday and let it get lots of air. Right how i have the back of the crate covered with a thick rug and the other side is cover with a thick white sheet. So she can see out the front but the other sides are closed off. hopefully the dryer noise won't scare her. she has come in to grap a bite when the dryer was on before so i think she will be okay. I have a feeling if we have enough money to fix everyone one we might be keeping all the kittens. Hubby is such a softy and i don't really think he is going to make me give them up. i'm so nervous!
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I'm glad your hubby caught Snowwhite!!! In those pictures she looks so much like my Snowball.
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i just thought of something...if she has four kittens, and i already have three of her older kittens...I will have snow white and the 7 drawfs (spelling???) :LOL:
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then you have to name all of them dwarf names!!
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Hopefully none of them will be Sneezy, or worse yet, Grumpy.
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i already have some names in my head :LOL: i'm trying to think of all the different colors they could be. Dh said naming them after drawfs would be cute LOL

the first litter i saw from here was three whites and an orange, her second litter i saw was ashton, lilly, shertbert and i white one that i never saw

she had one more whole litter that is mia.

what i'm strongly hoping for! Is a solid black, a black and white tux, an orange/reddish tabby, and a diluted calico.

I'll make sure to post pics when they get here and you guys can help me name!
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Since i'm knew at this having kittens thing, i think maybe i'll make a part of my site for her. Do a day by day update for people that have no clue like me :LOL: take pics and document the whole thing! what do ya think?
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I think that would be cool! And then when the kittens are born, you can post pics of them too!
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Hmm, all depends on what the Daddy cat looks like..

This looks like fun, if you have an idea of the father of the kittens, you can predict what the litter will look like.

We figure that with Lilith's coloring (tortie) and the colors in the litter, her mate had to have been a black cat or black/brown tabby. She evidently carries the gene for dilute colors although she is not a dilute. I learned more about genetics after the kittens were born than I did in four years of college and 3 of nursing school!
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she is all white, but her last litter was color full :LOL: there has been a black cat, a white cat AND an orange tabby hanging around. So this should be interesting!
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that would be cool!
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That would be a great idea?!

any excuse for MORE PICS!
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Is there a way to stuff towels beside the washer and dryer so that the kittens can't get around or under them? I had this concern with my kitten Sasha. She was so small that she fit between the dryer and the wall.

Congratulations to you and hubby for finding Snowwhite before she had her kittens! That is great news.

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the kittens will stay in the crate until they are bigger. Rich and I are talking about putting misty back outside when the kittens get here and giving them her room. Misty room would be perfect for them! And she is not making any progress with getting along with the inside cats so i think she might have to be an outside dog. If we get her and nanook a fence so they can play it won't be so bad. I just need to win the lotto or something! it would also be good if they had that room because i might need to bring lilly in soon if she starts looking pregnant. Well i always wanted to run a animal rescue and i guess I am weither i want to or not :LOL:
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She did really good!! no crying, no trying to get out! Dh and i checked on her a few times and when we talk to her she just starts purring. I'm almost wondering if someone has done this to her before just to get her kittens. She doesn't seem to mind at all. At this point, i don't care if she is someones neglect pet or not. She is my baby now! And i will get her fixed and put an end to this craziness. I think dh is getting attached to her he said my little princess kitty did good last night
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That's Wonderful!!!! And don't let your hubby fool you ,he loves the cat as much as you do !
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Looks like you've got yourself another cat
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This was taken when the kittens were about 3 1/2 weeks old. Jules and Blondie were our little adventurers!
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awwww the little babies are soo cute!!! Dh said he thinks it would be a good idea to put misty outside once the babies get here. that way snowwhite can have a whole room misty likes being out anyway.

here is a pic of neo trying to peak at snowwhite.
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