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Lilly and the other cats

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I lost my apartment b/c they are doing rennovations and raising the rent 45 bucks so I am now currently living with 2 of my friends. Lilly went into labor the 4th day we were here and I also have another cat named Tom, He is a russian blue/grey tabby male and also the daddy of Lilly's baby! They both are really upset about the enviroment b/c their are 20 other cats here(indoor and outdoor) and neither one of them will leave the bedroom very much. I am afraid for Lilly because she just had the C section done yesterday and I don't think that being close to other cats is such a good idea even though her and Tom stay in the bedroom, I fixed it up so they can get out but the other cats can't get in. Tom is getting better about it, he has gotten brave and ventured out into the living room a few times and of course done more than his share of growling and hissing. Lilly has only ventured out once and attacked one of the cats. If they are in the bedroom they are fine, Tom plays with his tennis ball and climbs up the cat tree and noses around in everything just like he always does and Lilly is in her special box recovering from the surgery and nursing her 2 day old baby. She has crawled out a couple of times to lay on my lap and lick my nose. Well, I will make sure to post updates about everything until then Ciao!
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It would be best for lilly and her kitten to be confined to just your room. The biggest reason is that there are so many upper respitory infections in cats, that she could bring a virus back to the baby. When a kitten is that young, they don't have the immune system to fight anything. Also, with Tom, he could bring in something as well. It would be okay for him to stay with her for a few weeks, but then he could get Lilly pregnant again.
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I read your other thread about Lilly yesterday, and I remember that the vet spayed her when he did the c-section. It would also be in Tom's best interest to have him neutered ASAP. Both male and female cats are happier, healthier, and make much better pets after they have been desexed. A neutered male cat no longer has the desire to roam around searching for a female in heat, or to fight with other toms. All my cats, past and present, have been spayed and neutered and I've never had a problem with any of them gaining a lot of weight following their surgery.

P.S. I will be looking forward to future updates about Lilly and her kitten.
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How is mommy and baby doing? Please post picture's soon. And have daddy fixed.
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I agree with the others, that it would really be best to keep your kitties in their "own space"--at least for awhile... And especially, if you are not planning on staying there, for any length of time. If you do end up staying, you could, after a couple weeks, remove your cats from that room (temporarily)--and let the other kitties sniff around the room to their heart's content, but not have to actually meet your kitties, face to face. You could also, then put YOUR kitties alone, out in the area where the other kitties usually are, so YOUR kitties can sniff around the house, and get accustomed to the other kitties scents. IF you are planning on staying, you would need to do this a few times, before actually "introducing" them to each other. But Tom will probably not do well with other male cats until he is neutered. It is normal for them to be VERY territorial, and fight! (and if that new kitten is a male, you need to watch Tom around it too!!!) You could also check around to see if your town has a free or very low cost neutering/spaying program (usually, you could check with your Vet or Humane Society--as they usually know if there is one in your town). They are becoming more and more common (thankfully!!!! ) I work with one in our town, and they have found good homes for hundreds and hundreds of cats, along with spaying and neutering them too!
I hope Lilly feels a lot better, really soon!

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I got tom neutered as soon as he started breeding Lilly. Tom has been fixed for about 3 months now. I do believe in about a week or so I am going to put all of the other cats in the bedroom and let Lilly and Tom sniff around the rest of the house to get famillar with the scent and atmosphere. I don't have a web cam at this time but I will be getting one soon and I will post pictures of Tom and Lilly. unitl then Ciao!
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