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Help Me Name My New Kitten!

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I just adopted a new kitten this afternoon and I need some name suggestions. I won't get to pick him up until he gets neutered on Wednesday, so I don't know much about his personality... but he's adorable!

Here is his picture:

Some of the names I was thinking of are Aiden, Morris, Mikey, and Murray.

I don't know why there are so many M's toward the end. lol
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What a doll he is, I think he looks like a Murray
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Here's one from left field:

Marcel, as in Marcel Marceaux, the mime. White face, get it?
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Leo, looks kinda lion like in the photo and hes orange, so cute!
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MURRAY!!! Definately Murray!!

He is beautiful! Congrats!
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i like Murray! cuteee!
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yeah i agree with murry. congrats on the new cat! vibes to insure happy health:

love cat_lady.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Here's one from left field:

Marcel, as in Marcel Marceaux, the mime. White face, get it?
i can't see his pic here at work, but i like Marcel!
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Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and suggestions... keep them coming!

Everyone in my family (and my friends, and my boyfriend) all have their own names they want me to name him. It's kind of funny to sit back and watch their heated debate. I fear if I don't find a name that everyone can agree on, there will be bloodshed. lol

So far my boyfriend likes Alvin.
My best friend likes Aiden.
Other friend likes Morris.
My sister likes Mufasa, Pumba, or Simba. (She must be fixated on the Lion King lol)
My grandmother likes Tabby (oh, so creative!) or Mikey.

Right now I'm between Aiden and Murray. We have until tomorrow afternoon until the little one comes home to decide.
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Instead of Mikey you could call him Mickey!
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Just because you bring him home tomorrow, doesnt mean you have to decide right away. I am fostering a mom cat and four of her kittens and we have decided to keep one of them. He is also a red head! A big fluffy orange polydactyl boy.

From the day he was born we were calling him Butterfingers. Which was fitting since he was orange and poly, but I almost knew it wouldnt stick... just too hard to call out all the time. Later my daughter said he was "Finger Lickin' Good" and started calling him Taco, after her favorite food. Another cute choice, but hubby didnt like it because he knew a guy who knew a guy who went by that nickname.


So after some family brainstorming we came up with Nacho, Chedda', or Weebles (as in Weeble Wooble - because he is so unsteady on his feet )

For the past couple days we've been calling him by all names to see what sounds better. I like Weebles, but the kids are stuck on Chedda', and I'll admit it slips off the tongue easier.

Our Newf, Chewbacca, went nameless for almost a week before we settled on his perfect lifelong name, but it was worth it. His name definitely fits him.

Anyway - congratulations on your new addition and good luck in your decision!
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Looks like a "Magnam" to me
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I was going to say Simba. We had one named that and he was my Meekos Dad. We caught him when the lion King came out. I had his Sister and almost named her Nala. I named her Smokey instead. I lost her at age 11 in 2005. Simba died at age 9. Both were feral. What about Bogart? I had a Male like your Cat named Bogart. He was dumped on our porch almost dead and we saved him. I named him Bogart.
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I love people names for cats.
Murray is a great name. Funny and he looks murrayish. Aiden is a nice Irish name but I am stuck on Murray.
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Looks like a Milo to me! Like the terribly cute and mischevious kitten off the movie Milo and Otis. Whatever you name him though,he's cute.
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I really like Murray too! He really does suit Murray to me. He is so cute! Congratulations on your new baby.
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He definitley looks like a Murray to me too!! Adorable litte fella!
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How about Murphy or Morgan (more "M" names, lol!)
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How about McVitie...............they make ginger biscuits!!! My friend had a ginger and white and called him that LOL
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Murray reminds me of an old grumpy person!
Go with Aiden! That's much better imho!
He's such a sweetie!
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Thank you everyone for the suggestions. After voicing them all to my family and friends, there was only one that everyone could (semi) agree upon.

And the winner is..... Milo!

I'm gonna try in out for a couple days and see how it goes.

Thanks again!
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congrats on picking a name! he's quite handsome! i think milo suites him well
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