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I swear!

I decided I'd take some pictures of my boys the other day, because I haven't taken pictures of them in a looooooong time. So I see all three of them sitting on the office windowsill peering outside at the traffic. All head to head, so precious. So I get up from the desk and grab the camera.

As soon as I touch the camera, they INSTANTLY just kinda scramble. I can't get them to be still for more than a split second for a picture. AND when I finally do manage to get them to be still I snap a picture and they turn their head *right* when the flash goes off.

After about 45 minutes of nothing but the back of their heads, I gave up. They kicked my butt. I'm gonna get them eventually though! Mark my word!

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*chuckles* I know my babys are the same way too. Vagabond is a hellion when it comes to cameras. She's even gone so far as to litteraly hide my camera on me *chuckles*

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Mine are the total opposite, they are a bunch of hams. They're cute, and darn it, they know it!
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I know this is a little hard to do unless there are two people but this is how I get my grizzly gaggle to "pay" attention. I use treats Sometimes their regular pounce ones work and sometimes they need to be more enticed. Afterall not all 7 of them can stand to be next to each other for any long then it takes to gulp down a snack.
When I wanted a family photo, including dog, we used tuna. That even keep the baby kitten around, not still though. So the picture is nice but we see her bum instead. (I know I should have pics but I don't have a scanner.)That picture is a treasure all eight of them, seven "paying" attention.
Keep trying, Chow,
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thats what my cats do! i try to take a cute pic of them and then they move!! LOL!!:laughing:
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my guys don't mind. If i really want a pic i can just use treats of wave a toy and the sit nice and still :LOL:
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Princess Purr, I love that one you have of Ashton yelling for food. He looks so adorable there, like he is smirking.
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Calling non-feline Cassie Starr------uhmmm
could my non-human learn about where you're from--roots I mean. You see my non-feline is a Starr too amd she is looking for other Starrs that belong to her family. If you would be interested in this and finding out if you are part of my non-feline's family, please give me a post to cynthann@bellsouth.net, much love Snoug
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Mine allways turn allways away then the flash goes off!!
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I've gotten a FEW pics--but nothing to write home about, that is for SURE!!! They are SO wise, and know just exactly what you are up to, at any given moment!
...But that won't stop me from trying!!

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