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Question Regarding Interferon

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As some of you may know, I have two cats that were diagnosed with the dry form of FIP, and my vet put them on Interferon to help keep them in remission: both of them are doing really well on it, and haven't had any recent "attacks".

Because of some problems I've run into with my current vet (which I posted a thread about in the Cat Lounge), I've decided to see if I could purchase the Interferon from an online pet meds site - but so far, I haven't had any luck. But I have noticed that some of the sites do sell Predisone, and I've heard that Interferon & Predisone are similar and are sometimes used to treat a cat who has an immunity problem. Does anyone know anything about the two drugs, and what they are used for??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Are you on the FIP support groups? Some of the individuals there may be able to assist you in getting the medication if you are trying to get Interferon Omega. Interferon is a very different drug from prednisone/prednisolone (by the way, you will probably want to use prednisolone if you use either of them since it does not require extra processing by the liver). Prednisone is an immune system suppressant, whereas interferon works an immune system stimulant.

What places have you tried for the interferon? If you're looking for the alpha type, you may want to check Island Pharmacy: http://www.islandpharmacy.com/site/1...ge/769212/site. Also, since it's a human medication, you may want to check with compounding pharmacies in your area.
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When Stan needed interferon, we got it from a compounding pharmacy that mostly services humans. The vet called in an Rx and I picked it up...since it was a compounding pharmacy they were able to make it fish flavored too
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