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Gracie the cutie and Noelle the raving beauty

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Here are just a few pictures of my two cats. Gracie is some kind of mixed breed... I really don't know what she is at all(!) and I'm pretty sure that Noelle is a Norwiegen Forest Cat...
Anyway, I will be getting some better pictures soon, but until then, here are a few pictures of them:

Here are all the girls, Noelle, Gracie and my lab/border collie mix, Tuna

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awwwww how sweet and cute
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Gorgeous cats.
Though I'm more inclined to say that Noelle has Maine Coon (possibly Siberian) in her background, not NFC.
NFC ears are set higher on the head.

She is a stunning girl and a gorgeous ruff on her.
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Awww, they're adorable!
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I like the 3-leaved clover on the nose!
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Thanks, all!
Three Leaved clover... that's the nicest description I've heard! Usually we just call it more of a mustache and goatee
Maine Coon? That sounds right. She sure is a big girl, whatever she is!
Who knows, she could be anything... I got her at the same local humaine society Gracie came from (just 4 years later) so nobody really knows what kind she could be mixed with.
Anyway, thanks again! I think they're so beautiful too!
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Awww they are adorable Tuna Good name
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Oh I Gracie!!! What color are her eyes?
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When I got Gracie her eyes were kind of yellowish - now they're a greenish... more hazel, actually...
I'll post some more pictures today. I just have to load them onto photobucket first, so stay tuned to see more shots of my cuties!
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Noelle has got the prettiest little markings on her face! (If that is Noelle who is staring right at the camera, i don't know who is who! lol) And Tuna and Gracie are just adorable!
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Thanks for all the great comments! Here are some more pictures of my girls:

And of course, they're not all beauties all the time... they're goof-balls too!

And I have some pictures of Gracie posing around, so I'll post those soon!
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Wow your cats are gorgeous!! I love the photo of Gracie peeking out from the sink & I love Noelles photo of her cute little tongue sticking out!! Can't wait to see more photos of your beautiful girls
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OMG I love the sink pic!
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White Cat Lover, I think you'll enjoy these pictures - I set Gracie up on top of my bookshelf and started taking pictures of her. Because of the lighting, most turned out really well.
So, here are the pics of my posing, flirting little !

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The long haired one also has big ROUND eyes... which I think... is also a MC characteristic.
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Gorgeous girls you have, they both look adorable.
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Cute pics, I love the last shot!
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