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Flower is my only cat that carries her toys around in her mouth and deposits them in other places. This means I find a lot of toy mice in the pillows and blankets on my futon. Somehow, I always manage to sit on them nose-end up. =p

Last night, I played with them with the wand that has the long, ribbony piece of fleece attached? One of them managed to yank it out of my hand, so I let them play with it alone and within minutes, I saw Flower running with it dragging behind her, disappearing somewhere.

Many hours later, I was reading in bed. I felt Flower jump up on my feet, but finished my page before I looked. I lifted my book and there she was, sitting on my feet, staring at me, with the fleece wand in her mouth. ^^

I thought she brought it to me so we could play some more, but nooo. I go to reach for it, and she just jumps off, dragging it with her elsewhere. This morning, it was strewn half in and half out of the bathroom. OO
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awww church some times dose that to
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My cats do that too. lol Just be glad its only the toy variety, one of mine likes to bring in the live (or nearly) versions.
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