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do cats dream

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im sitting here on the couchy typing with one hand because church is sleeping on the other. alot pf times he twitches while sleeping, dose anyone elses cat do this while sleeping
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ABSOLUTELY! Mine will twitch on occasion and Ernie will even let out a little yelp from time to time while he's sleeping. It's normal.
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When he was younger, Tilli used to see lots of wild action dreams, manifested in growling, groaning and twitching. Usva clearly saw nightmares for a couple of months after she was brought home from the rescue.
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lol oh yea. i have seen heyu sleeping, and doing the twitch, and growling thing, and will sometime jump up like some one is after she, followed by the came lay down in the human lap .
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All my kitties have shown signs of active REM sleep, Sweetie in particular. Sweetie would not only twitch, move her legs as if running, but sometimes cry out, desperately as though having a nightmare, and only stop when we woke her up and comforted her that she was safe!
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I've also seen Nikita raise the hairs on her back half way up (like she does when she's really hyper when awake) when dreaming a feet twitching, whisker pads and mouth twitching and some growling sort of dream.

I think she's hunting in most of her dreams, I've never seen her have anything I would guess was a nigthmare
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I think all cats do. When I was in highschool in psychology class we watched some movie and in the movie they showed a cat. I do not like this idea, but they actually went in and cut some nerve or something in the cat. When it would dream instead of twitching it would get up and walk around and stuff. I guess that nerve keeps the cat laying down while sleeping. I LOVE watching them twitch, it is so cute!
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