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Cat dangers

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My female sphynx that is about a year old walked across my glass stove top last week right after I got done cooking. Sphynx naturally go towards heat because they get cold but I was wondering if anyone else has problems keeping their cats from their stoves. By the way she is fine now, but she did get a blister that healed just fine. I don't think she'll try it again. I have been watching them like a hawk after dinner now.
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Meeko used to do that but stopped. She was 2 at the time and will be 8 next week.
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That's one reason I prefer gas stove to electric - especially the flat top ones now - too dangerous for cat feet or people fingers!
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Some folks keep a pan/pot of water to put on hot burners until the burner has cooled down - that may be an option for you. I know not everyone will want a pot of water constantly sitting on the stove but it's preferrable to kitty getting burned paws.
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Our guys love the stove, so they go play in the basement while we're cooking. We had an incident once where our little girl Hermione singed her fur around her paws....thankfully no harm was done....scared the crap out of my husband.....and the smell of burned fur.........not good.
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We've had good luck with deterrents like this. http://www.amazon.com/Premier-SSSCAT...2456895&sr=8-4

We leave the stove area booby-trapped all of the time so they avoid the area.
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out of my two tiger is the only one able to jump up on high things and he loves the stove and the chest freezer >.<

I'll probably try that pot of water! thanks
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if it isnt bad for them, there're not interested it seems. We have a gas stove, so no help here I'm afraid.
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