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Office Cat

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Heidi and am new to this forum. I thought I would share a touching story about a cat that wondered into my office.

There are several cats around my office building and I don't want to call them strays because they all look well fed and clean. As soon as my company moved into the office building last year we started feeding the surrounding cats, as do several other offices in the building. I never thought much of it until I heard a cat crying in our office. I turned the corner and there was a skinny gray cat meowing his head off. This cat must have slipped inside just behind someone (our doors close automatically).

We had never seen this cat before and couldn't imagine such a friendly cat being a stray. We tried to feed him, but he wouldn't eat the dry cat food we fed the other cats. We knew the cat was hungry because it would sit by the food and just cry. If we hid and looked around the corner it looked as though the cat would eat, but on further investigation the cat hadn't eaten anything.

The owners of the company I work for took the cat to their vet and said if the cat was healthy they would find him a home. We figured out why the poor cat wasn't eating, his teeth were rotten. The vet had to pull out almost all of the cat's teeth. I had never heard of such a thing. Fortunately he could eat wet cat food.

For a couple of days the cat lived in our office. At night we would leave him in the bathroom, and during the day the cat had free range of the office. The cat was very respectful and after a quick tour of the office he hung out with the receptionist only coming out of his bed if you stopped to greet him.

The cat went home with a wonderful family and is now thriving. Although he, he's been named Charlie, doesn't have any teeth, he is in good health.

I am very fortunate to work for such wonderful people. I couldn't imagine working for a huge corporation that would have let the poor cat die.

Even though Charlie is no longer at the office, we occasionally get updates and pictures and we still call him the office cat.
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What a sweet, touching story! Welcome to TCS HerbalHeidi! I'm glad to hear that toothless Charlie the former office cat is now a very happy kitty. The world needs more people like you and your office-mates.
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Thank you for your kindness towards Charlie the toothless office kitty!

I'm sure he was very grateful for everything you and your mates did for him
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That is such a sweet story that you have an office full of cat people
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That's awesome! I have always wanted and office cat...even a dog. But I work in a laboratory and there is too much hazardous stuff around.
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How is everyone adding pictures? I tried going into my user cp, but I don't see where I can add pictures.
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Originally Posted by HerbalHeidi View Post
How is everyone adding pictures? I tried going into my user cp, but I don't see where I can add pictures.
Where do you want to add pictures?

Information about avatars can be found here How do I get a picture by my name? (Questions about avatars).

And signature information is here: Signature Questions & Important Threads *GREAT READING!*

And this is a useful place to find other information.
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That is a touching story. He knew what he was doing coming in.
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Poor baby! I wonder how long she had been unable to have a decent meal. Blessings to you and all the people who helped him get the care he needed and gave him a home.
There is a special place in Heaven for those, just like there is a special place in Hell for those that abuse helpless creatures.
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