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Working from home?

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I was wondering, does anyone here work from home If so, what do you do?

I jsut got let go froma retail job because of a lying customer after 4 years. I am seeing that i am NOT really cut out to enforce others rules ( i worked the curtesy desk at a retail chain). I may need something i can do from home, at my own pace, ya know?

Any ideas?
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I tried working from home while caring for my mom. Sadly, it does NOT work. I am an accountant and do have to see clients sometime on a daily basis. PLus, LOL....I won't lie but at home you're so geared to lounge around instead of completing a work assignment.
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well, when im at home and have time to kill, im on the computer alot anyway, so i figured i could put the time to good use!

I admit i like to lounge around, who doesent?lol But by 12pm i am ready to roll, so i think i can get work done!
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As long as you have a separate space set aside for work, and are self disciplined - that area is for WORK, and set yourself times that you have to work, you'll be fine.

I study from home, and while I do procrastinate, I certainly get my work done. If that's how I earned my money, I'd be even more motivated

I may have some part time work coming up that would be from home. If that's the case it would be from home, and I wouldn't have a problem with it.
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It takes a lot of discipline to work from home because there are just too many distractions. You'll see some dishes that need loading in the dishwasher, or you may want to put in a load of laundry, etc., etc. - you get the idea.

I think that unless you are that disciplined, it would be difficult to be successful working from home, i.e., getting enough work done to pay the bills.

I personally am not that disciplined and know I would see a thousand little things that need doing and would end up saying to myself, "oh, it will only take a minute", then the next thing you know I've done a dozen other little "minute" jobs and an hour has passed.

If you have that type of discipline, which I know I lack, then it could work for you. You would still need to get clients for whatever business you are doing so you'd have a bit of cold-calling to do. (I couldn't do that either.)
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Some time in the future, my husband and I might both work from home. He's planning on building a large garage behind our house, and then after I put in a good amount of time where I work, we might just decide to stay there and work. I most likely will attempt to do medical billing from home, since I've got the experience in the billing stuff already from a previous job.

But I agree with everyone above, you'll have to be very disciplined when it comes to working at home, instead of lounging and putting stuff off. Even on the computer, you could be coming on here instead of working. I have a feeling that would be the problem DH and I would have ... "Oh we've got all day..."
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I work from home and love it. I pick and choose my clients, the hours I work, what assignments I take ... it just works out so much better for me.

I am a Notary Public with emphasis on the mortgage industry and digital certification of identity. When you refinance your home or need a digital ID, I am the person who watches you sign that huge stack of papers, then notarizes them. The pay is decent, I work mainly in the evenings when my husband is also working (he works the 3 to 11 shift at a manufacturing plant) and I love it. I would never go back to being someone else's employee.

While I agree with the others who have said it requires discipline, I find that money is a pretty strong motivator. Since I know I will be paid for each job I complete, I am pretty diligent about making sure the jobs get done in a timely manner. Most of the stuff I do is either time or date sensitive anyway so there is little to no room for error.
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I work from home and I love it. But as others have said it takes discipline and I set hours for work with breaks and lunch, just like I did while I was working an office job. It nice being able to work when I want/hours, etc. I'm up late working away on the computer. I do web design and and I'm an Admin Asst as well. And $$ is a great motivator to get work done. The only drawback that is hard is waiting for the $$, not getting the regular check.

I know people who do CS for companies at home or if you have any contacts who can help you get work.
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DH has been telecommuting for a long time. He went into the office 1x/week in the last job. This one, he goes to the office mostly 4x/week but sometimes 3. He has an office downstairs and we are not down there often so he can get his work done. He also is on lots of conference calls and reviews emails, etc. for problems he needs to watch (his job is to manage customer escalations).

Also, for both jobs his staff has been scattered around the world so they are not in the office either.
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If you're starting a home based business from scratch, it will take a lot of energy and work to get and retain clients. It also depends on how much money you need to make (i.e.- just extra cash or a replacement to full time work). You also give up any company benefits and stability.

The best thing to do is find out what your top skills are and how you can apply them to a home based business. From there, attend some small business seminars or join a related group. They would be a wealth of information for start up costs, marketing, networking etc.

And, as other have mentioned, there are many distractions when working from home. It makes sense to designate an area of your home for your 'office' and treat it as you would a normal workplace.
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Liza - I sent you a pm re working at home. Let me know if you are interested.
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Both my husband and I work from home. He is a computer programer and I sell antiques on E-bay. I do not need a certain amount of hours of course since I do not work for someone. I just get it done as fast as I want or take a long time if I feel like it. I just do it for a little extra money so we do not depend on it. And DH can do his hours any time of the day. He just has to have a certain amount of hours a week. So he can do a really long day one day and a shorter day a different day if he wants. It is so nice for us. If he takes time off during the day for something he can just make up the hours later in the day or a different day. Makes it easier to make plans for things! He is very disciplined in how many hours he gets. He keeps a log so he knows. He does have a second job that is out of the house as a waitor but it is only 2-3 days a week for a few hours for breakfast.
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Man, I wish I could find a good work at home situation - seems like anything I come across is just a scam... I'm a pretty independent person and much rather get things done in my way on my time.... I took a lot of online courses for school and did really well with them, as far as getting everything done on time and putting in the study time... now if I can only find something legit that brings in decent money.... (stupid student loan payments)
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Buz - sent you a pm if you want info on home-based business
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Buz - sent you a pm if you want info on home-based business

got the pm, and am going to take a look at the stuff this week TY!
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