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Cats or other Pets and Weddings

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Do you have any interesting stories to share about pets and weddings? Doesn't have to be cats (but can be!), stories, tips, ideas - all welcome. The stories, if you guys have any, will be forwarded to author and cat behaviorist Amy D. Shojai.

Those of you who have been around for a while probably remember Amy from her Tabbytudes cat behavior column here on TCS -

Amy also hosted a guest expert forum dealing with aging felines -

So, any pets & weddings stories - post them here!
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haha good memories.....

When I was little, my cousins had a golden retriever. We also had many family friends in common who also had golden retrievers....

One day, down at the lake, everybody was making floats for the annual parade. We couldnt decide what to do, until someone noticed two of the dogs, a male and female, sleeping together all snuggled up. An idea was born

By the end of the week, we had completely decked out the trailor with flowers and streamers, and even had the tin cans trailing along behind. The female had a white veil, and my cousin's dog, Sprocket, had a tie. They had thrones on the top of the trailor for them to sit on for the occasion.

One of the cutest things I've ever seen! Haha, Sprocket never really forgave us for putting that tie on him.....
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I've never been to a wedding that included a cat, but my friends did have their dog for one of their attendants. His name is Duke, and he's a beagle mix. Another friend's son walked him down the aisle on a lead. Duke was fine for the rehersal, but during the actual ceremony he heard the organ and saw all the people ohing and ahing and....stopped. Legs locked, tail between his legs...he wasn't going anywhere! Finally, he heard the groom above the organ and he was like "oh, it's daddy!!!" and everything was fine after that. Usually the flowergirls steal the show, but he did that time!

I thought about having Harley as our ringbearer but I really didn't want to peel him off the ceiling to get the rings!
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Friends of ours had no kids, so they made their Cocker Spanial a "maid of honor" where she came down the isle with a pretty bow, etc. It was outside wedding in their backyard.

Never heard of a cat being in a wedding.
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I updated the thread title to reflect that it's not only cats. Personally, I can't imagine any of my cats participating in a wedding. That said, we may get to find out soon, as my brother-in-law will be married in September and the plan is to carry out the whole thing here in our backyard. I suspect the cats will just hide inside, but we'll see.
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My cat Evie is not very good outside the house, so try as we might, putting her in our wedding would have been a disaster. But she's an important part of our family, so this is how we included her:

My now-husband proposed via Evie! Sorry for the bad picture, but that is him on his knees at the end of our bed (since she couldn't exactly go outside for a more romantic location!) and I put a circle around the ring he put on her collar. I'll always remember who brought me my engagement ring!

Then, since we are such a pet-oriented family, we couldn't have a wedding without some pet! Since Evie already had her time in the spotlight, and our dog, Peach, is just plain a better choice, we had her as our ring bearer! We had a very casual wedding- just how I wanted it!-so our "flower girl" walked with Peach, then stood with her until we needed the rings, at which point I called Peach over to me and took them off the ring bearer pillow we had tied to her collar (and counter weighted with a crystal so it wouldn't fall under her neck! It was quite the necklace!):

She was a very good. In fact, I think she was less nervous than I was! She is the dog that is my retired Search Dog, so she's pretty well trained and used to big gatherings and noise. It wouldn't have been the same without her!
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I haven't seen any weddings with pets in them

I'll have a horse or two at mine!!!
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Well, my Golden Retriever, Ginger, was going to be in my sister's wedding if she held it outdoors-- she was thinking of having it on the beach. However they ultimately decided to have the wedding in December so it was in a chapel (outdoors in December in Chicago? No way!) If I got married I would have Ginger walk with the flower girl and either my terrier Pooch or my kitty Church be the ring bearer. Church is very good outdoors and in other environments so he would not have a problem with it...
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My sister was married in our back yard. We thought we had the cat shut up and out of the way, but pictures sent a couple of weeks later said otherwise. A friend had caught her looking down the aisle. Apparently she decided it wasn't worth her time and went off to take a nap elsewhere.
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