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I hate some people!

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I was thinking a new job would fix the situation, but there are rude people everywhere. Okay, here's my situation.

I work at a country club, as a waitress/bartender, etc. There was a big golf tournament this weekend (still is, tomarrow is the last day). Today was the "big day" in which we served them breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 2 free drinks included in the tourney. We're also very short staffed right now, so I was there from 9 in the morning until 11 at night. About 9:15, 3 of us were still working, and there were 2 tables with people. All had been drinking all day long, and the three of us agreed that no one needed any more to drink. We gave them last call, and a couple of guys came up for another drink. A little while later, one table started asking for more drinks and we told them no. This one guy, Jack, was having a big problem with this. Kept making stupid little comments about not being able to get a drink in your own country club. Keep in mind, he's a jerk and we all know it. This just escalated until he got up and started to leave (2 hours after we gave them last call). He stopped where we were sitting and started telling us how stupid this was. It wasn't even late and he couldn't get a drink in his OWN country club, on a tournament weekend no less. I just told him sorry and pointed him to the sign on the door that reads: "IT'S THE LAW, If you appear intoxicated we cannot serve you and we must remove your drink". He just yelled that it was bullsh*t and tore the sign off the door and told us that he was going to write a letter to the board (does this sound like tattling to anyone? lol - the "head-hauncho" around here used to be a cop, so he's on my side) I know I was in the right here, I honestly felt we should have cut them off long before we did, They were drunk! If any of them were to leave that clubhouse and get into an accident, I would be in alot of trouble. But this guy is just an a**hole! I can't stand him and this whole thing has me so mad. I know I have to face him tomarrow and pretty much every day after, there's no way to avoid him, he's always here. I just don't want to have anything to do with him. But his snide little comments are always there, and I don't have the gumption to tell him off. No one else had a problem with it, one usually-really-nice guy walked past the bar with a scowl on his face and when I gave him a questioning look, he started laughing. Brightened the situation a bit.

Okay, I'm done venting. It's been a long day!

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aww hun, I'm sorry. That's really too bad that an @sshole like that has to show up everyday and be like that. Can't you barr him?, or is he part of this tournament? 'His OWN club' thats funny.

Don't sweat the small stuff, but if the small stuff turns big, high tail it!

Thanks for venting! I just got home from the bar myself in a strange town and I know I didn't cause a problem...the waitress said to us "you're not from around here are you?" I think she asked this cause we were tipping her nicely. She was working in a nightclub with customers her own age so I don't think they knew anything about tipping...

ok, hope everything goes good for you in the future!

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I know exactly how you feel. I work as a waitress too, and we have to refuse drinks to those who are intoxicated or cut those off who appear to be intoxicated. We also have to card people if they look 35 years old or younger, and being carded seems to make people a bit 'huffy'.

This guy sounds like a real jerk! He must have some serious issues in his life, insecurities, or something to make him treat others horribly to make himself feel better. You're better than that! Keep your head up!

I don't know your current job, or managers, but have you tried talking to a manager about this guys attrocious (spelling?!!?!) behavior? Maybe a manager will ask him to lighten up and explain that you guys are just doing your job, or maybe your manager will fix things so that you won't have to deal with this particular person.

I hope things get better for you soon, and if you look for another job, well, I don't blame you. Nobody should have to put up with people that like. Absolutely nobody!

Good luck hon!

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I think you did the right thing. You quoted the rules and the law to the patron and didn't tell him off. You remained calm and let him look like the idiot. If he wants to complain, he has nothing else to go on, other than you abiding by the rules. All he did was make himself look foolish in front of the other patrons. Good call, IMO.
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You did the right thing. Your story reminded me of a terrible thing that happened down here in Florida a couple of months ago (same situation as yours but a very bad ending). Here is a link to the story.

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I think it's great what u did and don't worry about the jerk.. When me and my friends go out, sometimes they get a little rocked and it really #$@#@#s me off that the bartenders keep serving them, sometimes to the point they pass out. I WISH they would get cut off.. think of how many lives could be saved if people who are drunk weren't served..
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Most of the time if you kill idiots like that with kindness it will piss them off more. I know how hard it is to do in the begining but once you put on your acting hat it's amusing to watch them squrim.
Don't think I've never been in that position, I use to run a marketing company and in that business you deal with alot of pompuss people who feel they're the one important one around. I stop and think they should be looking around and up, for a house just might fall on them. Chow,:blossom:
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Don't worry about facing him. If he was as drunk as he seems to be in that posting, he will not even remember the incident. You stand on the side of right and you did it right!
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Ew I used to work at a fast food restaurant, and some people were so rude. I'll always remember, one day, I couldn't accept a coupon or something thru the drivethru and this guy was like "You kno, you're nothing. You'll never be worth anything, and you'll never do anything important with your life, you ****ing minimum wage *****" Then he drove away and I was like "OMG".. I mean what in god's name posesses some people to do the things they do I'll never know..
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These people sound like real jerks (putting it mildly) Dawn, you did the right thing not letting him drink anymore, if he had an accident the country club would have been in big trouble.
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Thanks everybody! I read all your posts this morning and they made me feel alot better about the situation.

It's all pretty much blown over. I guess he came in to complain this morning, before I got there of course. My co-worker explained the situation, and he pretty much got brushed off. Poor Jack didn't get his way this time! You know, I'm getting really sick of rich old snobs who think the world revolves around them!

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