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Moving in a week! Kitty tips/general tips?

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Hey all!
My SO and I are moving into a new apartment together in a week! Eep! I'm so excited!

Any tips on how to get the pets well adjusted?
Or any other misc. tips?

Last time Trin was fine, but Toby just huddled in the bathtub and hissed at every inanimate object he could see for the first night. I need suggestions on how to make this easier on him especially!
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I'm thinking that it may be helpful for poor Toby to just stay in one room for the first night or so. Move this room first and put the kitties in there so they can have quiet space with all their comfort items while you finish moving.

This may help him not feel so overwhelmed by the new space, smells, sounds etc. He may still need time to adjust but having a quiet space and his things around is sure to help.

It takes ME awhile to adjust to a new place , i can't imagine being an animal and all of a sudden being uprooted...but they are more resilient than what we give them credit for I think.

Enjoy your new place!
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I think he would stay in the same room all night by choice haha.. I just hope he is not as miserable this time!

Was thinking I would keep them at my original place until we move most everything, so that the new place smells sorta like them when they get there. Good/bad idea?
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Sounds good to me Where will you keep them while you are moving and have the door open? I would make sure they have all their nice comforting stuff while you are doing the moving. Maybe they won't even notice anything is different once you get to the new place and all the stuff is in!
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Since you are thinking of keeping your old place for a little while, you can bring him to the new place for a few hours and then return him to his safe home. I've heard of people allowing their dogs to get used to doggie hotels before a long trip, so why not try the technique on cats and a new home.

Sometimes cats feel safer in their carriers. I would set up the kitty's carrier or just a box in your old home, put a blanket or t-shirt in it that has your smell, and then comfort Toby by petting him and cuddling him as much as possible while he is still inside the box. When you move Toby he will have a familiar safe surrounding where he can hide. Allow him to get accustom to the new apartment on his own terms.
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