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found a kitty in the road, help? taking a turn for the worse?

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My kitty bit her tongue and she bleed for a min or too but, im afraid she will be scared to eat now (she's 4 weeks old I found her she is a bit sick, still trouble eating on her own). It was late last night, she seems fine I am just worried.

Also, her eyes were crusted shut when I found her. Shes been doing much better they are kinda open now but it looks like her thrid lid is still half covering. Her one eye I can see her pupil and green iris. However the other looks like a film and is covered no matter how much i look. Could this be an ulcer? The Dr. said to still wait, but I dunno.

Other then that she was very clean and not dehyrated. I found her in the middle of the road!
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for her food you need to soften it with warm water and then give it to her so it will be easier for her to eat...I found an almost 5 week old kitten and got her to take a bottle as well as eat soft food shes put on almost a pound since I found her she gets 2 bottles a day one at 11am and one at 11pm the rest of the day she gets softened food.
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She is very lucky that you found her and are taking care of her. The doctor said to wait? Did she see the doctor at the vet's office. Sometimes the vet doesn't know everything about the kitten until they see them. I had orphaned kittens and to get them to eat I would mix wet food with the kitten replacement milk to make it soupy. They can lick it up better that way. I hope she feels better. Were there other lost kittens where you found her, maybe she had littermates there with her. Good luck and so glad she has you.
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Said to wait out the eye's been 4/5 days shes not doing much better and having trouble breathing
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Does the vet know she is having trouble breathing? Did he tell you that she had an upper respiratory infection and give her antibiotics? How long did the vet tell you to wait about her eye problem? If the eyes are not getting better and the breathing problem is new, then it would help to call him back. Maybe the vet needs to check her out again. If you don't feel good about what the vet is, or is not doing, maybe seeing a different vet will help. Whatever you decide to do, a vet is your best help. Is she eating well. Kittens go downhill fast if they don't eat or get fluids. I hope things get better. Sounds like you are taking good care of her.
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Sounds like kitty flu. My latest kitten was the same way. Cleaned her eyes 3 or 4 times a day with warm water, and her nose. We put her in the bathroom while we showered so she could get the steam as well. Vet put her on amoxycillan for 10 days. She's 7 mos. old now and doing well, but is small for her age and prone to allergies. Talk to your vet about kitty flu, a kitten can go downhill fast with it if it goes untreated.
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All the vets were closed when I found her so I took her to a Petsmart where my little brother used to work and the ladies that run the adoption gave me their meds and helped her until I took her to the vet the next morning. I've had her for about a week now. She hasn't pooped but has been peeing like crazy, however not in the box.

I tried everything to get her to eat...she won't eat on her own. I even smushed and heated baby food, mixed it with the KMR in a siringe...she fights me on that also. Dosen't seem like she wants to swallow either...

I just tried feeding her and she choked and walked away very slowly and colapsed over...I know if I take her to the vet they will either say put her to sleep, or tell me to give more meds. (I actually used to work there). Shes just blah and sits around hovering over.
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obviously she needs medical attention, so why won't you take her to the vet? How old is she? She hasn't pooped in a week?! Please take this kitten to the vet where someone will give her the medical attention she needs.
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Kit E Cat is right. She needs medical attention. If you worked for vet before, you know that it is your decision to give meds or put to sleep. They only give you an opinion, you make the choice. I have raised orphaned kittens before and several times I thought they wouldn't make it. They have an amazing way of pulling through.....if you will just give them a chance.

Give her a chance and take her to any vet if you do not trust the one you have. It may be something that is easy to treat but you have to get vet help to find out.
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