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kitten is fine no broken bones , only sore bones which takes time healing , and now shes playing and happy , the bleeding nose is gone they have cleaned her nose and gave her an injection dunno the name of it but shes happy now and happy to be home with me
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=) ill post some pictures i just need to install my webcam software first
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Great news! Can`t wait to see what this little baby looks like
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sorry i got a bad camera
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just seen this thread and i'm so pleased that kitty is ok!

sadly though, there are only red crosses instead of photos.
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So so pleased she is ok
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I see an adorable little red or cream tabby persian kitten.

Glad she's ok!
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well im jealous! i see red Xs but im glad your baby is ok!
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Oh whew! I'm so glad your kitty is okay!!! I can only imagine how terrified you must've been.
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thanks all for the prayers , im happy to be in this forum and to be with the good cats here .

i have taken new pictures this time from my sony ericsson cybershot
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She's an adorable kitten! I don't know how she fell but if you know, please do whatever you can to make sure she doesn't fall again.
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OMG! She is so cute! I can`t believe you found her in the middle of the road, she looks like she`s got some breeding. Maybe somebody dumped her

Anyway she is adorable and so lucky to have found you
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your kitty is SO CUTE!!! someone made a HUGE mistake abandoning that fluffball!! my patchy was abandoned also and i always wonder how ppl can do such things! morons! but their mistakes are our gains
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I don't remember reading that the kitten was found, only that she was found looking sad after her fall.
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i thought someone said that she found it in the road and that it looked like it had some breeding to it. if not, just ignore me and my post lol
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! she is soooo cute!! i'm so glad to hear that she is alright what a sweetheart
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What a cutie!!!!!! Soooo happy to hear she is doing ok! I am sure you have a great soul mate there!
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thanks everyone for the heartwarming posts
i must open a new thread for her hehe

their is a tip of making the cat love you more , play hide n seek with her =)

first of all call her name , then look at her then go 2 steps back then make a sneaky fast run away hide but have your eyes on her , she wil be comming slowly you must prepare to move , and when she takes the run you run the other direction trick her she will try to follow you jump over the bed and she will jump and this will save you time to be far away from her she will keep trying to catch you and suddenly when shes angry she will sneak somwere you will lose her and suddenly she will jump infront of you trying to scare you then cuddle her , if you play hide n seek atleast 2wice or 3 times a week she will adore you even better .

lazer pen is good too
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awww what a sweetheart she is im glad she is ok
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Cutest kitten EVER!! I am so glad this little baby is ok.
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Awwww I am just seeing this thread, and I am SO glad your GORGEOUS kitten is going to be okay, what a sweet little fluff ball
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