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fatal emergency bleeding!!!

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emergency please anyone help me

my cat fell from a higher site , she fell from the 2nd floor and now shes bleeding from her nose

the fall height was something like 800 inches , like 11 - 14 meters , i need help because shes bleeding now from her nose and their is no emergency vets from where i live , the only thing i can wait is till tomorrow at 8 in the morning , i cleaned the blood with a tissue , but still its bleeding i have put some cold water to a tissue and kept cleaning her from her nose but it sounds like it hurts her when i do it , shes only 8 weeks old i feel bad i shouldnt have left the balcony door open , and i cant why she jumped maybe she doesnt see to good , she didnt know the height or maybe she was afraid from the bags of grocery that i just got from outside and saw her fell from my eyes , i ran down and saw her sitting down sad , shes sleeping now near me but im afraid if she will die , anyone give me advice what to do for 12 hours from now it will be 8 in th emonring , what to do for 12 hours i might not sleep
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There is no vet anywhere?? What if you were to call your local vet and see if they have a number listed on there answering machine? She really needs to go to the vet now. I am so sorry this has happened.
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I agree, she needs a vet now. I would call all of the vets, sometimes they leave an emergency number on their answering machine. She is suffering.
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the doctor vet talked to me just now , she said she cant meet me tonight because shes very very tired , and she has 6 kids shes making them dinner and she was working since the morning , right now its 8:30 pm , and she said see me tomorrow at 8:am , but after telling her what happened and the height she fell she said its ok cats fall in their hands she told me to monitor her until tomorrow , im afraid my cat might die what a day this happened , should i try another vet doctor and drive 2 hours to the other city near by for this emergency
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you should definitely call every vet in the phone book until you find one able to see your kitten
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Call every vet you can. I would do everything and anything you can to get your cat to the vet. Call every vet, drive anywhere (reasonably).

I wish you luck! Poor kitty.
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their is only 1 vet doctor in this city , only 1

should i drive to another city ?
the cat is asleep now and breathing slowly the bleeding have decreased

i am afraid if this is fatal internal problem , this is the thing im afraid of she reply to me when i call her name , she make a crying sound as if i am the reason if her problem!! (*((
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I would try a Vet in another city. When we were cathcing ferals one fell and it died. My Brother said ot seems fine then a minute later it was dead.
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I am hoping your kitten is going to be okay. I don't know your location or the time difference, but hope you have already found a vet. There is no way to know if she has internal injuries or a head concussion without the help of a vet. My thoughts would be to call every vet and drive the 2 hours if you have to. Better than the 12 hour wait. The cold cloth to the bleeding is good, try to keep her warm and try not to move her much so if she is injured that will help keep her stable. That is all I can think to try. Vet is most important effort for her. Let us know how she is doing when you can.
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ok the other emergency doctor is in the other city 2 hours from here , i had a talk with him he says if she had internal bleeding she might die today or tommorrow , and if its a broken nose theirs nothing we can do but he said to go to hes vet which is located in this city where im in and the reciptionist will give me injections with antibiotics ,

i dont know about this vet hes not the american vet nor british , hes an arab vet , and should i go get injections and give her 1 ? so at 8 tomorrow il go bring her to the american vet
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I’m not sure where you live that there is a difference between an American vet and an Arab? Do they not have the same degrees or licenses from your country to practice animal medicine? Not sure how that works there, or where you live.

So this vet is close to your house? They don’t even want to look at your cat just for the fact that she might die, or in the other situation there’s nothing to be done? Wow that’s a hard situation.

Still sending you vibes
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their is no vet doctor at the moment , i must wait till tomorrow 8 am

the emergency doctors i found 2 , 1 is in another city he left for an emergency visit for horses , and 1 is tired from a bad day and said to me to come tomorrow at 8am

now the doctor whos in the other city which talked to me said go get the antibiotics from my place i will let the recipitionist to give you , and now this is my only option im taking it i dont know how to handle a needle nor the reciptionist hes not only a reciptionist but a janitor aswel.
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oh my goodness!! I hope the poor little one is alright good luck with everything I hope everything turns out alright for you both
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i wonder how the kitty and its family is doing?
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I wouldn't think antibiotics would do any good for a head injury

I guess all you can do is hope the little one makes it till morning so you can take her to a legitimate vet.

Many prayers for her.
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I really feel sorry for you. Cats often fall, and they have no way of knowing they are many feet above the ground; that's just not the way they evolved, and nothing prepares them for it.

Please let us know how the kitty is doing.
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its 12 am im still awake and their is no reciptionist in the vet , the vet was closed , i dont have any antibiotics , by the way i took my kitten with me and had the windows all down she looked abit happy from this warm weather

and now im back its 12:30 am , and shes now going to sleep il keep an eye on her , and keep cleaning her nose until the morning , i just had tea , and looks like it will be my new friend for tonight.
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I hope she will be ok.
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I hope she'll be OK. It may well be that she just bumped her nose hard. I would really worry if she were bleeding from her ears. Have you looked in her mouth?

Eight-week-old kittens are still very "rubbery," and it seems like they can take an immense amount of abuse. And they aren't very coordinated at that age, either. They fall all the time, although the distance is usually not 30 feet.

We're all praying for you. Your regular vet is open in the morning?
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Wow! I don`t know what to say. The vets near you don`t seem very competent I too doubt very much that anti-biotics would have been any good for fall injuries and then you go there and no-one is there?! Jeez!

I really hope your little kitty will be ok until you can get to a decent vet. You must be worried sick

For your kitty
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Antibiotics can wait - don't try to give her a needle! Your cat may be ok - mine fell 10 feet when he was a baby and he had a sore nose (blood isn't necessarily terrible). Wait til the morning and take her in then. She should be ok.
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Where do you live????
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I do hope the little one is ok thoughts are with you both for sure
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the vet has her now , and i payed big ammount of money like 200 euro's

and i must wait for them to call me , shes now being monitored in the hospital and hopefully she will be ok , i'd pay more for her and let myself eat 1 meal a day without a problem , hearts is the main purpose of my soul
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My thoughts and prayers are with you both!

I hope kitty pulls through And some well needed hugs for you!
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I'm glad she is safely at the vet's office. Did they discover anything in their preliminary examination?
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My prayers are with you both - bless you for caring so much for this little one.
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How is the kittie and you doing? Thoughts and prayers are with you both!!!
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My prayers are with you both too. How is your sweet kitty doing?
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I hope your kitten is ok. Any news?
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