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Finally caught Mama Kitty and she is

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My daughter finally caught Mama Kitty and she is in for spaying this morning. She is a feral who is been living in my daughter's neighborhood for a couple of years. Of course my daughter feeds her. In the last year she has had 3 litters. The first ones disappeared. The second were born late last fall and my daughter was able to rescue them in an ice storm. She fostered them and they were adopted out. This last litter was born 4/5. Three of the babies have been rescued because a neighbor said he would hit them with a shovel if they were in his yard. The fourth baby remained with the mom until Sat. when my grandson was able to catch him. Yesterday the mom was enticed into the house because her baby was crying. She was put into a large carrier and carted off to the Spay Clinic this AM. My daughter will foster all four of the babies and the local shelter will help find homes. Thank God the mom is being fixed. As soon as the clinic recommends she will be set free. Since yesterday was Sun. we were unable to contact the shelter for authorization for payment for the spaying. But my daughter and I will split the bill if we need to. Two years ago I adopted the last kitten of hers from another litter. Juno was 4 mo. old and still remains somewhat feral.
My daughter had to request that Mama Kitty's ear be notched after the spaying. Don't you think that a Spay and Neuter clinic would do that automatically? But its over, no more unwanted kittens from her. She's a beautiful cat and will lay near people outside in the sun but is untouchable. Maybe she can be tamed.
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Bless your Daughter and Grandson for looking after Mommy cat and her kittens and bless you for being willing to help your Daughter with the spay if needed.

As for the notching of the ear, I always thought that they would do it without you having to ask them to...I know that the one my friend used to use always notched kitty ears.
She ended up finding homes for all but a handful of them, so in most cases the notching wasn't needed.

We can only hope that after Mommy recovers she decides that being inside is oh so much nicer than being outside and will make someone a wonderful companion.
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That is wonderful
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Oh fantastic! One less cat contributing to the problem.She sounds like you could maybe work with her a little. She may never be a lap cat but she may be able to be contained on your property.
She will feel a lot better now. No more being hunted down by toms. She may be more relaxed now.
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