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Poo Balls over the past 3 days… Eww

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Ya, what the title says… For the past three days there have been little poo balls (Once a day) on our stairs. We keep the babies litter in the basement, which has 2 sets of short stairs to the main area. I have checked their bums and there are no poo knots (Lol ya I know, gross). Has anyone ever had this? Why are they dragging poo upstairs? And how do I stop this?

Thanks all!
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when chloe is mad at me, she takes poo out of the box and puts it in places where i will see it first thing. i once found it in the middle of the kitchen floor and a few weeks ago i found a piece on my pillow while i was sleeping. fortunately, it was dried. she was REAALLLY mad that day lol
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I have always thought that it gets stuck and falls where it falls when it dislodges.

I also think sometimes my cats get distracted or interrupted and make a dash out of the box and finish the last of it elsewhere...
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I’m pretty sure they are not mad at me (LOL hell have no fury like a kittys scorn!) Actually Capone and I have been bonding more so then ever this past month and Bugsy… well Bugsy is almost like a dog, he is just a goofy, happy all the time, never stressed cat.

I guess one of them is just not finishing. Bugsy is a little bit spastic and every time we do something he will stop what he is doing to bolt to us and see what we are doing. So I guess it could be him. LOL its just so gross and I am planning on a few nights of company. Why couldn’t they start this after the company nasty cats.
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one of my kitties was like that when i first brought her home. are you using a covered box? i used a boodha (i think thats spelled right) dome until she got too big for it. it had to go in a closet where there was no traffic or in a back hall, etc. however, she would come stare at us on the potty and even try to get in b/n us and the toidy or in our laps to see what was up LOL
shes 4 now and is ok with litterbox traffic as long as we dont stare (she still puts poo on my pillow when shes mad tho lol).
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Fiona is nosey too. I think she is the poo dropper. She always is looking to see what is going on, running from room to room to see what everyone's doing.

It could definately be Bugsy just not taking the time to finish....your right, nasty cats

Hopefully your company has animals of their own and will relate if something happens.
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Sometimes Maisie leaves me little poo balls on the carpet

She is semi-long haired and a bit senile so it can`t be helped. I`m sure she just gets out of the box with a bit stuck on her fluff or bum because it`s often quite a way from the box or on the bed sometimes.

She is due to go to the groomers and will be getting another hygeine clip which helps a lot
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My cats don’t mind traffic. In fact Capone usually meows loudly when he’s in the litter because he wants me to watch him. LOL ya… my boyfriend always shakes his head when I go give Capone company, says I spoil him. He has done that since he was a Kitten. As soon as I arrive he will stop meowing, start purring, close his eyes and do his thing LOL. Too cute.

Bugs is extreamly nosey LOL. Zooming all over the house if he hears anything new, or if we change rooms. I should give him a bum snip, with him being medium haired it might get stuck. Oh well, I guess there is no solution to this problem. Ill just have to be on the lookout before guests come over LOL

Thanks for all the advice guys.
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Originally Posted by silvionc View Post
My cats don’t mind traffic. In fact Capone usually meows loudly when he’s in the litter because he wants me to watch him.
Now that's just weird!!
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That is hilarious. I have never heard of a cat liking to be watched pooing.
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