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Daily Thread Monday June 2nd!

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Morning cat friends!

Welp, 4 more days until Josh comes!!

Not much going on today..staying late at work tonight to make some sales calls. It should be sunny and up to 24 degrees today..

Thats about it! Have a great day folks!
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The day is starting sunny run rain in forecast for later this afternoon and overight and tomorrow!!

So in about 90 minutes I have to plant some more grass at a business I planted some last month-that is coming up nicely!! Then perhaps another stop at another business to replace some shrubs-they seem intent on killing ones I planted a couple of years ago.

No WSJ this morning and no notice on their website about late delivery either-grrrr.

Will be working in my own yard today also 13 more perennials to plant (plus 35 asian/oriental lilies) and annual flower seeds to place yet too. Oh and lots of weeding!!

Grilled chicken caesar salads for dinner tonite.

Have a nice day.
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I have to leave in about an hour to go to Waxahachie to get my fingerprints checked to renew the HazMat portion of my CDL. Then I'll come back and spend a couple of hours kitty brushing and cuddling.

Got a lot to do this week, since we're leaving for Sweden on Saturday for some meetings with Volvo Trucks.
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Morning All!!!!

Nice and sunny here today. Everything is so green from all the rain we had over the weekend, and all you can smell are lilac's.

Heading off to work shortly, I am doing interviews, so hopefully by the end of the day we will have all our summer staff hired..

Nothing special planned for after work just the usual.

Kitties are birdwatching this morning, a flock of starlings has congregated in the tree right beside the front window and that is certainly keeping them interested.

Everyone have a great day
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It's mild and the suns trying to get out

I'm hoping it rains tomorrow because i've got some more feed and seed to sprinkle on the lawn tonight because the weed killers made my lawn patchy
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It is nice and warm out today. Of course I have to go to work soon. It is seniors day at my work today so it will be really busy.

Other than that, I am not doing too much. I have to get some groceries after work.
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Jen came home from college last night, so we are all going out to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.

It is sunny and pleasant here and will be in the 70's.

Going to Aquafit now. I have to ask what special dish Jenny wants for dinner. That would be after she wakes up! (See sleepy heads)
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Not much going on here. Have to tidy the kitchen and do 2 loads of laundry and then I want to make some yam and lentil soup.

Just got home from the dentist to have a cracked tooth filled, only to find out after he had drilled around for a while that he didn't see a crack in there after all. So now I have a filling in a tooth that didn't have a cavity! Anyway, it might be something with the root, so if what he did doesn't help then I need to have a root canal done.

Gorgeous sunny day here today. Nice breeze too so it's not too hot.
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Had a short day at work. Someone left their dog in the house, when they normally lock him in the garage because he is unfriendly. So thats one less house for me to clean!

Am waiting on my sister to get home from school so she can help me take a before picture of Apollo.. as I am entering a Groomer Has It contest on another forum. :P
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