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ok we have 2 mums here at the moment totalling 4 kitens, both mums feed each others kittens etc....
we took on 4 3 week old kittens 2 weeks ago without their mum, she had gotten out and didnt come back and the owner works full time so couldnt care for them. well our other mums have taken them on as their own and both of them share feedings etc.. we also took on a week ago a young female, said to be about 9-12 months old, she was pregnant about 30 days along, so i had her spayed ( my first spay abort ever) and while i felt so guilty i knew it was the best thing for her as she is a very small cat, still looks very kittenish even the vet had said she could have a very hard time deliverying her kittens.
Well she was spayed 5 days ago and is healing nicely, she got to the foster kittens this morning and when i walked in the room she was nursing them, and was very stressed when i took her away, she has no milk.
Is this a normal reaction? I feel even more quilty now, what should i do keep her away from the kittens full stop? they are in a seprate room as there only 5 weeks old, and they play with the 9 week old kittens, but do come out for supervised play vists, but one of my children must have let lucy (the recently spayed female) in to the room when getting ready for school this morning.

Any advice will be great.