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R.I.P Chip, we love you!

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Chip, one of our beloved cats had to be euthanized May 30th.

In November our cat Icarus was stolen while we were on vacation, we searched all over for him, posted fliers, checked the shelters, called the police to report it, tracked down the mother of the person we believe to have stolen him and pleaded for his return. For months, there was nothing. Just before Christmas my husband called me and said he was at a local pet store looking at cats and said he wanted to adopt a new cat, with the loss of Icarus it would both heal us and provide a loving home to a cat that needed and deserved one.

After searching several pet stores I came across Chip at an adoption site in a Pet Smart in El Cajon. Chip was a tiny, sluggish little guy with a snotty nose, but he was instantly loveable. The moment I picked him up he sniffed at my hair and my ear and sat content on my lap while I talked to the volunteer. It was instant, love at first site. That night Chris and I went by to see Chip, we could only look at him through the glass. Chip was lying there in his bed peering out the window at us. We were hesitant at first to adopt him knowing that he was sick and wondered what that would mean for us and him one day. The women at the shelter said his condition was chronic, but it was nothing more then a cold.

Finally came the day for my husband to meet Chip. While at the shelter my husband met Scott, Chip’s companion. We decided to adopt them both. We went through the store and collected several comforts and treats for them. We picked up a cute little bed for them to sleep in (which did not last long, Scott decided it was just as good a place as any to use the bathroom), it worked out okay, because they both slept with us that night and they did not even hesitate to cuddle.

A few day’s later my husband and I had a conversation in which we both vowed to fight for Chip to get him healthy, we both agreed that he deserved the best loving home we could give him. Between December and now we took Chip to several vet’s, had tests done, gave him prescription medications of many sorts, nothing of which cleared up his snotty nose. We did not mind mothering him, cleaning his nose when it got icky, sitting in the bathroom while he had a steam bath to clear up his congestion, all of it was for the greater good. What greater good is there then helping a devoted and loving pet to get better so that he can have the life he and all animals deserve.

Even though Chip was sick it never stopped him from wanting to be loved and wanting to love us. He was affectionate almost to the point of annoyance. We would always climb on to your lap; he loved to sniff my hair after I just got out of the shower. Chip never learned to control his claws which always posed a hazard for us, but we did not mind it too much, he was only trying to hold on tight. He loved to spontaneously throw his head around so that he could curl up into a little ball and lay in your arms.

Then the time came where we noticed that Chip was getting worse, his frail frame was getting even more small and fragile and his sickness getting worse. Still he was affectionate. We finally took him to an internal medicine specialist and had some more tests and blood work done, a few days later the vet called and said that it looks as though Chip had FIP. I had heard that acronym before and new it was a death sentence. The only question was when. The doctor also said he had a Staph infection. He said that what we wanted to do next was completely up to us. I told the doctor that if Chip does have only a short time to live I wanted to make that time for him the best we could and wanted to started the new antibiotics on him so we could hopefully get him more active then he was now.

We started Chip on antibiotics on May 26th. By Monday, he was no longer affectionate, he had stopped eating, and all he did was lie in his bed exhausted. We could at this point still pick him up for a few moments of cuddling time, but soon that became to exhausting. Friday, we decided to take him into the vet again, by now he could not even look at anyone or anything, all he could do is stare straight ahead. We knew at this point that we were watching our little baby die. We could tell that he was suffering. He lost 16% of his body weight in a little over a week and was down to 6 lbs and 4oz, picking him up was like picking up nothing.

I was actually supposed to go in that day to pick up Chip’s second antibiotic and appetite stimulant (a first attempt before trying a feeding tube). Once the doctor saw him, we knew what he would say. Doctors know it’s not a decision for them to make, so we had to ask him. I asked the doctor that any decision that needed to be made had to be done void of any emotion, something we could not do ourselves. The doctor said if it was his pet he would euthanize him. The doctor said we could take Chip home for the weekend to say our goodbyes and I asked who exactly would that benefit, just us or him, does Chip know that he is dying? The vet said, Chip does not know he is dying and it would really only benefit us, I knew taking Chip home would only mean more suffering for him and us too. I did not want to watch Chip dying. The vet described Chip as a shadow of his former self. With that, we knew what needed to be done. At this point I could no longer hold back my emotions and began to sob. Chris followed quickly behind.

The doctor gave us some time alone with Chip and we just cried and held him in our arms, taking turns neither really wanting to let go. When I held Chip he reached his left paw around my shoulder and pulled his frail body close to mine, his head tucked under my chin. My husband kneeled next to us and Chip meowed. The little guy with what strength he had held on so tight. A few minutes later the nurse came in to take him to get a catheter put in to help the doctor administer the drug that would take Chip from us and to a better place. I told the nurse that Chip was so different from this morning just now, that he was being affectionate and aware and she said that they know what is happening and he is telling us its okay.

She brought Chip back wrapped up in a blanket and placed him in my arms, he laid his head against my chest and I put my chin on top of his head and he nuzzled me. A short time later the vet came in. My husband and I both held Chip in our arms. When the doctor put the needle in the catheter Chip leaned over and pressed against me and just like that he was gone.

These last few days have been so hard. All I can think about is how I want Chip back, I want to take back those last few moments and I want to run out that door and never look back. I want to hold my baby and tell him I will make everything better. I want to tell him that I am strong enough for the both of us and everything will be okay. Then I have to stop all of my selfish feelings and remind myself that I did do the strong thing for Chip, I let him go. That if loving anyone should be anything, it should be selfless.

Chip, rest in peace! We will always love you and miss you and will always remember how blessed we are that we were able to love and be loved by you.
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I'm so incredibly sorry, this must have been agonizing for you. You showed Chip the ultimate love by selflessly releasing him from the pain of this world, even though it shattered your heart to do so. Chip is so happy and healthy now in Heaven, and one wonderful day, the two of you will be reunited.
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Oh my goodness this is so sad, i'm so sorry It's quite clear you both did all you could to help Chip with his problems, and one day he'll thank you for it

Play happily at the bridge Chip, but keep looking down on your mum and dad because they miss you so much

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Oh my, I'm so sorry for your loss. Bless you for giving Chip such a loving home for his short life.

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The peace that comes when the decision has been made can often make us regret the decision. We cling to any little sign that our furry loved one would have recovered. You tried for a long time, and ultimately you lost the battle, but Chip had happy times and he clearly loved you. The regret is natural, normal. It is the rebound of the loving decision you made, and you can't dodge it. We've all felt it, and will feel it again. Our hearts hurt with yours.
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I'm so sorry. But what you've written is a beautiful tribute to Chip.

FIP is a horrible disease. I just lost my Lena to it not even two weeks ago. But what you did was the right thing. He was held in your arms and heard your voices at the end. He knew he was loved and cared for these past months. That is, indeed, a comfort. You gave him a home.

RIP Chip.
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Sometimes, the greatest love of all is letting go.
Rest in peace sweet Chip.
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i am so deeply sorry for you and your husband. chip is now free from any suffering and is safe and happy across the bridge.

reading chip's story brought tears to my eyes at the obvious joy and happiness you all brought each other.

nothing will ever erase the many wonderful memories of your time spent with your beautiful, precious boy and in time these memories will bring a smile to your face.

tragically too many creatures never know love and contentment. chip was one of the lucky ones.

i lost my boy last october to FIP and i can relate 100% to how you are feeling right now. i still miss him so very much but i also know i helped him become free from the dreadful disease that was destroying him.

you and your husband did the most courageous act in the most terrible circumstances and put your boy first.

RIP precious chip.
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i didn't post in Chip's original thread, but i was following it... you did everything you could to help him - it was just his time.
my deepest respect for your staying w/him as he went - i know he appreciated it.
& & for you, your family, & your cats [especially Scottie ] & a for Chip [i have a Chip, too].
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. It is obvious that Chip was dearly loved and cared for.

Rest in peace, sweet kitty
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I'm so sorry for your loss. He had a lot of love and caring during his short life. It's a wonderful thing you did for him and I know you got a lot of love in return. Rest in Peace Chip.
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I will say it again to you and your family that I am truly sorry for your loss and again take comfort in knowing he is feeling much better where he is and his brother/sister(s) do love you and miss him just as much

Rest in peace chip and keep chasing those butterfly's over the bridge
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Rest in peace chip,
play well at the bridge.
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Thank you all for your kind words. My husband and I read all your posts last night togther, they are really comforting.

Bless all the little kitties out there. Give your cat's a special hug for us.
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So sorry about Chip again. Makes me Cry and he wanst even my Cat. Chip was so much like my Yoshi at the end. The vet offered more Blood Tests and we asked what would she do if it was her Cat. She said she didnt want to push us but she would have him Pts. It was Cocos appoinment for a Urine test but we asked if we could bring Yoshi. I knew he wasnt coming back and took 2 Pictures of him the night before. I hate Fip. I even asked the Vet if we did the right thing last week even though it was in Jan. If you ever need to talk you can Pm.
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Hi mews,

I have to say, it's nice to have someone to talk to, but at the same time I am sorry that you and I had to go through this. I home your Coco is okay, I know you have been posting on here about her health. This board is so great, I have learned so much from everyone and everyone is so kind. If you need to PM me, you are always welcome as well.

Sorry to drudge up bad memories! But if it helps you did the right thing and so did I. We have to tell ourselves that.
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The worse part is none of us will ever know if any of them had fip for sure. I am getting a new Kitten though. Its not born yet. I know we did the right thing but sometimes I think it was to soon. I am here for you if you need to talk about your Cat.
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So sorry you lost Chip. I remember reading your thread when you 1st got him. Your tribute to him was so sweet and made me cry. RIP sweet Chip.
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Oh, I can totally understand the feeling of it being to soon. That is my biggest fear. I know it would have needed to be done soon or later.

The doctor did say he was suffering so I have to tell myself it was not too soon, just to soon for me. Like my H said it will never feel right.

Just remember that.

Thank you Lily. Thank you for everyone who followed along with my many question and concerns and your understanding now.
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