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Dead tree removal?

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So lets say I have a huge dead rotting tree on the sidewalk of my property near some power lines. Am I responsible for removing the said tree or do I have the city do it for me? or the power company?

Most worried about the huge branches that could fall on the power lines, or on someone, or the house, or a car. Almost all the little branches and most of the bark is fallen off already. It's crawling with termites too.
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Is it on your property? If it is, then the tree is your responsibility. If it isn't, then most likely it is the city'sw responsibility
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Contact the power company. We have had Dutch Elm disease ravage many trees and have 4 more good sized trees by power lines. The power company will come and inspect the trees and most likely take them down to below the power lines or sometimes if you are lucky they will cut the entire tree down. In our case we are responsible for cutting the rest of the trees down and cleaning up the mess!! Most likely the power company is aware of this tree. And the power company actually contracts with a firm to do this-they have a truck with a cherry picker bucket to drop the limbs from the trunk of the tree. There should not be a fee involved for this service.

I would though contact a insect control company about the termites and possible getting that treated before the tree is cut down and you don't want to cause an additional problem with termites.
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