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I feel so bad, mad, and sad.

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I was at another site trying to answer a question re: what to feed an 8 week old kitten. This is not a pet related site but just some other site that has to do with computing.

Anyway, the thing is, she was told to feed dry food because it is cheaper. One responder said she has 2 cats and only buy them the cheapest dry food she could find. The reason, they are just cats and they don't know the difference between food. It's like cats just eat whatever you give them so why spent a lot of money. Another said that her cat ate whatever left over food her family had and she never spend money on cat food. Bottom line is, they treat their cats as animals, low level being and their pure existence is for the enjoyment of their human, and whatever their human imposed on them is acceptable, because cats don't know any better.

I got boiling mad and suffice to say, an argument erupted with the responders and a few others who care much more about their cats.

I never know that people can be so naive, mainly because I visit sites like this one and the people are more knowledgeable when it comes to the welfare of their companion animals. And I assume everyone else care about their dogs, cats, etc.

What a blow to the face. I just wish that people get more education on how to be a responsible and caring pet owner. It's so sad that some allow their pet to breed simply because they could and it is what nature intended. And on another site I visited, someone wants to know why her declawed cat still claw at surfaces and scratch herself. She asked if a second declaw surgery is needed. And I wish I could put an arrow into that bird brain of hers.

I won't be able to sleep well tonight, I will be thinking about those poor pets out there and praying that life could be better for them.
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I understand, sweetie... it just breaks your heart. If we let ourselves think too much about all the cruelties and injustices in the world, we'd quickly go out of our minds.

All we can do is educate people when we can, as you tried to do tonight... and give every kitty we personally encounter our very best loving care.

Please try not to dwell on what happened -- just snuggle someone furry and know that you did your best.
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Oh wow, that's so ridiculous!

We have nine cats at the moment (five cats and four kittens) and we spend a lot of money on them for food and other things. I can't imagine just feeding them leftover food that we eat, or buying the cheapest food I find. I always hate seeing how cats and other pets are treated by other people after spending so much time here, where people actually care for their animals. It makes me so mad! All of our animals are treated like the other people that live here, and it drives me off the wall when people have them and don't seem to have a reason or not really care for them.
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Indeed, after becoming a pet parent myself, I have come to known the plight of all the helpless animals out there. I have make it my mission to educate others on the importance of proper nutrition and medical care as well as the correct way to deal with improper/undesirable behavior. I feel so accomplished when I can make a different in one cat's life by educating her human.

The bird brains on the other site said that people like us are fanatics and treats our pets like humans. This is the first time I've been called the crazy cat lady. Well, it's official, I have become one of you. LOL!
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I really don't understand people. Stuff like that just infuriates me.

Ringo gets the best, period. My husband and I are by no means wealthy. We like in government housing, for goodness sake! But, we love her and want her to be a very happy, healthy part of our family for a long, long time to come. Simple as that.

This reminds me of the conversation between my in-laws yesterday. My father-in-law is a dear man, but he is a cheapskate. Really, he'll do anything to save 5 cents and he got cheap cat food for Bonita and, of course, it upset her stomach. My mother-in-law was soooo mad! Don't think he'll be making that mistake again. However, he did get on to StevO and I for never letting Ringo out of our apartment. ??? 1.) We have a large apartment with plenty of room to run around in. 2.) We live by a highway and a stretch of land where there are certain to be wild predators. 3.) We have a Savannah with a very wild appearance (as those of you who have seen pictures of her know). I can just see the mothers and old ladies in our neighborhood freaking out about the "cougar" roaming the neighborhood. 4.) We had to sign an agreement with the animal shelter when we adopted her that she would be an INDOOR cat. I could go on and on... Of course, the BIGGEST reason is that indoor cats live longer. My cat before Bean lived for 23 wonderful years. I had to let him know gently that I kind of know what I am doing in the kitty care department...
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