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Here he is--Harley!

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Harley is the latest addition to our household.

We picked Harley (previously Wookie) up from Petsmart on Friday. He is a domestic medium hair, black and white, neutered male. His birthday is listed as February 23, 2007. I will be calling the shelter tomorrow to find out his complete story--unfortunately when you adopt from Petsmart they can only offer limited info on the cats--as they are from the local shelter. All we know is he's been at the shelter since February--

He has already met our other cat Jack--who we've had since October 31st. Jack is a red tabby medium hair who was born sometime in July 2007--he was found as a stray kitten by a friend.

I was able to get one good picture this evening---I need to get some in daylight.
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oh wow! Harley is one gorgeous boy! he reminds me of my Cronus, but with more white on his face
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Very handsome boy!
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Ooh, he's a cutie pie! Good for you (and him)!
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Oh WOW he is gorgeous!!!! He makes my heart melt!
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Thank you.

His coloring is gorgeous. He has a little black line down his white belly, and he has black on the back of all his legs--I say he has black knee and elbow pads on. Has the black nose, and black soul patch under his chin.

The name Harley came from two places. Hubby said I could get another cat if he could get a Harley...and from harlequin, which is usually used to describe like a black and white great dane etc.

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Harley rocks
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What a big gorgeous fluff of a boy!
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he is a gorgeous boy! heres to a long and happy future together!
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Aww I can see how you picked Harley!! Hes a gorgeous kitty
Love his gorgeous markings Can't wait for more photos of him
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what a handsome boy!
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Looks like he is smiling! He is gorgeous.
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Harley says "thanks for the sweet comments" He isn't sure how he was in the shelter for so long--being so handsome and sweet that is!

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