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We're home!!!

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Hooray! It was a typical flight... we got up at 5:30am to get our flight from Zurich which was delayed by an hour. Our landing into Heathrow was kinda scary - the pilot slammed on the brakes just after we hit the ground, and everyone's faces pretty much got slammed into the chair in front. We were still braking hard when he made a right turn, which we only just made - I was on the left of the plane, and there wasn't much runway before we hit grass. I believe they're mostly automatic landings, so I'm not sure what happened.

Heathrow we had a shortish transfer, but it was fine, then got to San Francisco, and our bags didn't. They're still to arrive, but were apparently on the next flight which should have gotten in by now, so hopefully we'll get them soon.

The kitties were a bit blase when they first saw us, then finally realised it was us, and Smudge got appropriately excited. She was on DH's shoulders rolling around in ecstasy Stumpy came and jumped on my lap purring as soon as I sat down, and Lily came out to say hi. All 3 have been following us around all evening so far

We were up at 5:30am, and it's now about 3:30am Zurich time. I have a tired headache, but need to wait and see if the bags turn up, make the bed and think about getting food.

It's nice to be home
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Oh and the kids were wild and crazy while we were gone... Stumpy and Lily are BOTH missing their collars, they never get them off!
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welcome home!
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Welcome home!! That landing sounds terrifying! Was there bad weather/wind involved?

Sounds like your kitties had a bit of a party while you were away
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Weather was fine - a little wet, but it was a controlled landing - just a little fast!
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Welcome home! I'm glad you made it safe and sound! That landing sounds so scary!!!
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Welcome home!
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I stayed up until a bit after 9 waiting for our luggage to arrive, then went to bed, but was very restless because I was keeping half an ear out for the courier. Finally at 11:45pm the courier showed up with our bags! And I've been awake since 5am. Sigh!

All the kitties snuggled onto the bed with us - they all hard to snuggle right into an arm, or a chest, or a leg as well, they all got in close And when I woke up this morning and pulled my legs out from the kitties to roll over, Smudge came up to my chest, snuggled right in, and proceeded to snuggle and purr, and knead at me for ages. We had such a nice cuddle Lily jumped up as well around then, but Smudge literally put her paw out and pushed Lily off
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Welcome again to home!.....
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Welcome back! What a scary landing. So precious about the girls snuggling with you.
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Welcome home, Sarah! Such a lovely welcome from your babies!
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Welcome home. Even though the San Francisco Bay area has such cool and chilly weather, I imagine it feels downright hot compared to Prague.
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