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Prozac and the kitty cat...questions

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Ok, so I just read the other thread about prozac but I didnt want to hijack it so I thought Id better start my own. Ive got five pee'ers and there is no way I would ever get rid of them but Ive been cleaning up after them constantly for about 7 years now. Im thinking its time I ask my vet about prozac. If you've used it have you noticed any personality changes? I dont know exactly how the stuff works (something I would find out from the vet) but I dont want them to be walking around in a daze all the time. Can you wean them off of it after a while? If you can think of any other tidbits of information please share! Thanks
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Kiity was on an antidepressant (10mg Amitriptlyne sp?) for incontinence issues because they use the meds for various reasons. She was like another cat I tried giving her half the dose but since I had to cut the tablet in half she would foam at the mouth sometimes if I didnt coat it in anchovy paste enough. It didnt seem to help her, but then again you are supposed to use these meds for alot longer than two weeks. It wasnt for her, and I couldnt stand seeing her wander around dazed and falling the couch and her tongue hanging out...

I wrote this so that if you decide to try the meds, you wont be scared by the initial behaviour. Suposedly it gets to the point where they are pretty much themselves. You cant live in pee forever so I hope it works great for you!
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you need them when you have 5 pee'ers. It it so trying, but we love then anyway.

I have not noticed any negative behaviors associated with the Prozac. However my two had aggression/social anxiety problems to begin with. Stomper was improperly socialized and Izzy I think is just plain mentally defective.

What I have noticed is they are more tolerant of each other. Also Izzy is much friendlier with me. I can now actually pet her, for the first 5 years I had her I never pet her. She does get overstimulated easy still, but it is an improvement.

Neither of them act drugged or lethargic. From what I have read these types of reactions are more common with Amitryptaline and Paxil.

In the other thread I linked to a really great article explaining each type of behavior disorder associated with inappropriate urination and then it also listed the best medication for each type of cat and what side effects are associated with the medication.

If caught early many cats can be taken off the meds once their behavior has been modified. Mine have been at it so long that I tried weaning them off after three months and the started right back up. So for me these two have to be on the meds long term.

Also, you may be able to find which of your kitties the "worse Offenders" and just treat them. The other may stop without their triggers.

I am hoping you get some relief soon. I know what it is like constantly cleaning up after pee-pee wars.
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When my Zane was on Prozac the only behavioral change I noticed was that he was eating his head off. It is an appetite stimulant in humans, so I guess cats, too.
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Im glad to hear its not a big personality change. I was sitting on the couch yesterday with a blanket over my legs and Kinky came over and peed on it. I couldnt believe it. So Ill be calling the vet in the next few days and reading up on that article that you posted kittymonsters.
It would be great if they all got along better, Arthur is soo mean to Kinky and someone is always picking on someone else at least once or twice a day.
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I just thought about this stuff called Feliway. I've heard alot about it on here, have you tried that? I'm going to get some soon myself. you can find it waaaay cheaper online than at the pet stores and I hear it works really well to tame mean cats and pee prob cats.
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Yeah Ive tried Feliway. I plugged it in, brought a few of my cats down so they could sniff it, and Garfield backed up and peed right on it.
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I have 7cats, so I'm right there with ya My newest cat, who is a foster who I can't seem to find a home for, is a 2 year old male and is aggressive with 2 of my other males. The aggressiveness was causing my oldest male, Captain, to become stressed and lose hair, and caused Bert, my 3 year old male, to start peeing. Oscar is on prozac for the aggressiveness, and Bert and Captain are both on amitriptyline. I have no noticed any personality changes whatsoever with any of them. Oscar is still the same lovey kitty to humans, only now he can be around Captain and Bert without trying to kill them. Bert has quit peeing and Captain doesn't seem as stressed, although his hair has not started to grow back yet. Both of my cats on the amitriptyline get 5 mg a day, which is half a pill. I just open their mouths and drop it down their throat, then rub their throat to stimulate them to swallow. No foaming or anything. Oscar takes his prozac in a pill pocket. If I could get Bert and Captain to do that I'd be in business, but oh well.
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