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Kitten Conjunctivitis?

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Hello, 1 of the 9 kittens had a swollen eye, so I took him to the vet. The vet said it was conjunctivitis, said some of the other kittens will probably get it, and gave me some teardrops. I have been applying the drops, but today the kitten has been sneezing A LOT, like 20 times a minute. I am getting worried because it seems like his breathing is a bit labored and he was drooling at the mouth. I made sure he was eating earlier today, and he was. He still seems to walk around and try and play with the other kittens, but his eye is still swollen shut and his 2nd eyelid is very red and irritated.

Is this normal for conjunctivitis or should I take him to the vet again tomorrow? The vet was very rushed yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to ask the questions I should have asked like how long this will last, whether the disease is fatal, ect... Also, should I pro-actively apply the drops to all the kittens?

I am worried for the little guy, though.
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Sounds like he may have an upper respiratory infection. Could be feline herpes; it's very common.
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Labored breathing really concerns me. Kittens can go downhill very quickly.
Any further change for the worse and I would take the kitten in. It's hard to tell without seeing the kitten, but I would tend to go in anyway (my vet loves to see me come in).
You can also try the steam up the bathroom to help loosen any congestion for the kitten. Several times a day would be best.
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It definalty sounds like an upper resperatory infection. Run the shower on very hot with the kitten in the bathroom and the door closed. This should help clear up it's runny nose. If an eye is swollen shut you need to get it open to apply the drops. Take a cotton ball and wet it with warm water and rub the eye. Good luck with the little guy.
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Poor little baby. Kittens are so curious they often sniff at dusty things and sneeze more than an adult cat. But, that is only a healthy problem (sneezing) when no other symptoms are involved, so better go back to the vet. A swollen eye is serious too, and conjuc. is very contagious in humans, so I dont see why the other kittens wouldnt get it too. Hope they are ok.
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Ok, he is not breathing heavily anymore nor is he drooling and snot is no longer coming out of his nose. I am keeping him separated from the other kittens for now in a cat carrier. He is still sneezing, but not as much.

I used some lukewarm salt water to wash out his eye, and that seemed to be effective at removing the gunk. I am prying his eye open to put in the eye drops.

He is still very strong, eating and drinking. Just had him in my arms for about an hour, and he was sleeping well. I am also giving the other kittens the eye drops as a precaution for now.

Thanks guys, I think I will take him back to the vet tomorrow.
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