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Proud of my kitties!

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I had some friends from university down yesterday and today. Altogether, there were 7 of us in a one bedroom apartment. I was a little worried about how Belle and Delilah would react. They tend to be a little timid around new people and we NEVER have company. The couple times people have stopped in, it's been one or two people at a time, and only for a few minutes.

But, they were such good girls! They played shy for about 30 seconds before they realized that all these new people would give them lots of attention if they just came out and acted like their cute selves. So, they played with people, let them pet them, and even cuddled a bit when it was time to settle in for bed!

I'm so proud!
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Awws! I wish that Ringo would be nice to visitors. My uncle came over the other day and she played nice at first. She was rubbing against his legs and acting all sweet...then she bit him on the toe!
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awwww how sweet... when my In-laws came, Rusty never did come out from behind the sofa, but Dusty came and did the sniff test. She was kinda timid, but at least she came out.
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Yay!!!! What good little kitties!
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How nice!! Don't you love it when they do stuff like that!
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