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Watery eye, but improved

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I wrote a post a few days ago because my cat had one watery eye and she was closing it a lot. Her eye stopped watering for awhile, but it looks bad again tonight.

.....as Sunday went on, it became obvious I need a Vet to see her. I'd rather get it checked out and addressed soon, by someone who knows....thanks everybody for your help.
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I'm sorry to hear that whatever it is hasn't cleared up - but glad you're getting it checked out. Please let me know how your little girl is doing?
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Billy's eye does that occaisionally too - the vet says he's just prone to conjunctivitis in that eye. When it happens, his eye gets all red and watery, and I end up dragging him over to the vets' to get a prescription for a topical antibiotic.

Have you seen the vet yet to see what he says?
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Thanks everyone for your concern, we sure love our babies!!! I took my cat to see the Vet on Monday morning. I was worried they'd be really busy, but they were able to see us at 10. The Vet said her other eye (the one that never watered) was actually redder. They did a test where they put some green drop into her eyes and checked for ulcers. There were none, so they were able to prescribe an topical antibiotic. Both eyes were red...so both are being medicated now. I'm more nervous than my cat, when I have to take her to the Vet! ha!

They say she won't show any improvement for at least 3 days, but she hasn't gotten worse, so that's good! I'm glad this will give her some relief, too, if there was discomfort. She had this antiobiotic once before and it did the trick. I would love it if I could prevent it from happening again. Thanks again!
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