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URGENT_safe for kittens??

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I have been fostering a mom cat with 5 kittens who are about a month now. I just put out a small kitten litterbox for them to use and have caught them eating the litter. Is that safe?? I keep taking them out but at the same time I don't want them thinking they can't go in the litterbox. I am getting stressed out! HELP.
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I know clumping litter is not safe for kittens. What kind of litter are you using? Anyone else know about this?
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I think there are certain litters that are okay for kittens. made out of natural stuff. i did here that clumbing litter is not okay for kittens because they can eat it and it can clumb in there tummies.
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That's right, that is what I have heard and read online. Clumping litter can cause intestinal blockages if eaten. You might want to check out such types of litter as The World's Best Cat Litter, which is corn based; Yesterday's News, which is made from recycled newspaper; Eco-fresh, also made from newspaper; Feline Pine, from pine shavings;Swheat Scoop, from wheat...there are a lot of non-clay litters available. Once the kittens get used to the idea that you don't eat what is in the litterbox, you can switch them to whatever you use for the adult cats.
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i think we used yesterdays news when the boys were babies. I'm going to have to get some for when snowwhite has her little ones!
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Princess Purr, have you ever had a cat have kittens before? I had never had the experience until Lilith had the kittens. I can't believe it was almost 2 years ago!

Anyway, if you are new to this, I have some stuff saved on my computer about pregnant cats and newborn kittens, also have some websites I can send you. Let me know.
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that would be great! if you want to email me, my email is princesspurr@comcast.net this is my first time being a kitten grandma so i'm nervous. I know NOTHING. My parents were very good about making sure all of our pets were fixed when i was little :LOL: so i have never had to do this before.

Moe and neo were 5 around five weeks when we found them, I nursed them back to health....but i have never been around really really baby kittens.
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Princess Purr, check your PM's
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THANKS! I was using Scoop Away litter. I will remove it and shred up newspapers and put it in the litterbox for now until I can get some of those litters you've suggested.

I also would like to see these websites you mentioned regarding pregnant cats/kittens...

This is a first for me also since all of my cats have been fixed when I was growing up. I am now a proud mom of 3 gorgeous spoiled cats (Zebra, Buddy and Spike- Zebra is about 2, Buddy and Spike are brothers and will be 1 year old in May) and I also feed feral cats outside (about 6 that comes regularly).

About 1 month and 3 weeks ago, I knew there was a big snowstorm coming and this cat looked sooo pregnant so I decided to coax her in because I was afraid she'd have her litter out in the snowstorm. To make a LONG story short, I planned to give her to another lady who's experienced with ferals AND with pregnant cats but when I tried to put Sweetie (the name of the pregnant cat) in the carrier, she freaked out and attacked me. My hands looked like they went through the paper shredder! I postponed the meeting with the foster mom till the next day and when I got up the next morning to get ready, I noticed Sweetie didn't come running to greet me when I opened the bedroom door so I checked and presto, she was feeding 5 gorgeous kittens! Of course, we couldn't move her and the kittens so I decided to keep them until the kittens are weaned then try to find homes for all 6.

So, there have been several nervewracking moments for me as the kittens grew! I've really enjoyed watching them grow. I've decided to adopt ONE kitten in the litter so that means I'll have four to spoil.

Thanks for responding so quickly with your advice.
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