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Few Weekend Pics

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Here's a few pics from my place on the lake, i love to take pics here Enjoy!!

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I'd love to have a summer place like that.
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That looks like a wonderful place to go.
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Great shots there Liza, it looks so tranquil, makes you feel like setting up camp for a few days
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oooh its beautiful!
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Very nice! Wish I had a place like that!
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Where ... in upstate NY????
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Where ... in upstate NY????

yes it is! RIght on Lake Ontairo, in Oswego, ny. I LOVE that place! Its a 2 bedroom cottege, full kitchen and dining room, with sliding glass doors to a deck that overlooks that scene. I stay there on weekends cause its so much nicer and cooler then in the city in the summer. I cant wait to go this weekend, supossed to be 90 degrees friday-sunday, YUK!,lol
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