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Swollen Legs... what is it?

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My cat got in a fight with some other cats about a week ago, and a couple of days after the fight, his left front leg swelled up. We found a little spot on it, so we put some peroxide on it, and the next day, the swelling was gone, and he was no longer limping on it. Two days ago, his right front leg swelled up, and he started limping on it. We couldn't find any cuts or bite marks on it, but put some peroxide on it just in case. He doesn't seem to be acting strange, but his leg is still swollen and he's limping on it.

He's a year and a half old, and just became an inside/outside cat about a month ago when I moved to a place where he has a yard to play in. He generally doesn't leave the yard.

I'm just wondering if I should try to squeeze a vet visit in my schedule & shell out the ridiculous amounts of money? Or if this is something natural that comes with being an outside cat?
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im not sure but i hope it starts feeling better.
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I would recommend a vet visit, it could be an abscess, and these can be serious without treatment. Good luck
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I would go to the Vet.
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I also vote for a visit to the vet. Better safe than sorry in my book!
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Cat wounds sometimes heal much more quickly than is healthy for them. Meaning, he may have an infection of a wound that has already closed. At the very least, you should call your vet and ask what they would suggest. They may say to come in, or they may say to wait a day and see if the swelling goes down.
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I would get to the vet ASAP. If it is an abscess, if you wait to long, you're going to be paying a ton. If you go now, you'll probably get some antibiotics, maybe some ointment, and be on your way.
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I suggest vet visit ASAP - like today or tomorrow. As said before, if it's nothing, you're out of pocket for short office visit and maybe some meds, probably less than $50 all told. If it's turned into an abcess or worse, you're going to be out much bigger bucks, and, in the meantime, your cat could be feeling worse and worse.

Also, I'd suggest he be an inside cat unless you're available to be outside with him for supervised playtime. If nothing else, your vet bills will be less. Don't forget - he may not leave your yard, but you probably will get visitors that might harm him.
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