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Sunday! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Another wet and cool one here this morning, but at least the thunderstorms have stopped.

Heading off to work for a bit have some odds and ends to clear off but shouldn't take to long.
Afterwards I promised my aunt to stop by for a while. She generally feeds me so most likely I will be there for dinner.

Nothing special planned for tonight maybe just do a couple loads of laundry and get it done for the week.

The kitties have all went back to bed they are tired of watching the rain I guess..
Everyone have a great day
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Just t5he usual for me. Church and then out to lunch.
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Doing the elliptical (maybe twice) and cleaning the apartment. Then just relaxing and playing with my new phone
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Going on a picnic and fishing at a local pond.
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Probably not much. There's a chance of rain this afternoon but otherwise nice so whenever John decides to get up we'll probably go outside. It will be the typical day... he works on his motorcycles/cars and I work with the horses.
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I have been slaving in the kitchen, just finished making the sausage rolls. Yes i know i would buy them but they dont sell it over here!

I also made my quiche, just letting it cool down before i stick it in the freezer!

i am also making my meat pies in a little bit. Tomorrow im making my veggie pies.

I'm so tired already and i have to cook for the majority of the day saturday! Unless i find some sort of heating thing.
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We are off to Palasades park today. It's hot, muggy and probably won't be very fun for me, ( I hate being hot, gives me a headache) but I love honeys pictures and miss them hanging in the house, so I hope he gets some today.
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considering my car died and i dont get the new one till tuesday im just hanging around with the cat and my bird october.
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Here is my Sunday sorting paperwork, fixing meals , doing laundry, weeding the garden, giving the cat a bath - cleaning ears - cutting nails, dogs nails (2 of the dogs), cleaning the house, finishing a reptile cage that we are custom making, and other things yet to be determined, wish I could go out to eat, still craving a good Mexican place
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Rob and I slept in again this morning, til about 10. Ahh, to "catch up" on sleep and not worry about going to work has been wonderful! Then we ate breakfast, and decided to go on a bike ride at about 12, out in the 90+ degree weather.

We rode a good distance on some bike trails they have here, which I've seen from the road but never hopped on a bike (been about 8 years or so since I've ridden). I ended up feeling very dehydrated again and nearly blacking out when we stopped at a gas station to get something to drink. He really wanted to go further today, but since I wasn't feeling good, we rode back to the truck. I was enjoying the ride though, for sure! Next week I plan on drinking much more water before going. I'm horrible when it comes to that, apparently!

Now I'm just relaxing inside. He's working on the Fiero we're going to sell soon. Probably will make some pasta later, either tortellini or penne. His mom cooked the "Week's worth of hamburgers" to eat .... 6 days ago. So I dont plan on eating those and he usually enjoys whatever I make much better than leftovers Then we'll probably watch "Animation Domination" on FOX (Simpsons, King of the Hill, American Dad, Family Guy).
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My nephew spent the night with us last night, so this morning i made a breakfast for all of us and then we watched "the water horse" with him. After that i fixed us lunch and then my nephew went home and Colin went to work. I've been doing stuff around the house and running search and rescue drills with Fosters since then. That's about it- it's been pretty boring so far tonight...
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Earlier today I was at my sister's having visited for the weekend and babysat my 15-mo nephew. We had a good breakfast and then drove back here. I have my last final tommorow (graduating next weekend!) and then tonight my bf is moving in! So I've been sorting and moving and finagling room for two people in my shoebox that's not quite big enough for one.

Lots going on here Wish I could say it was my last week of school ever, but I have another year yet for my master's and licensure.
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Jenny's coming home from college for the summer tonight! Yeah!
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Today I hit the gym, then got some groceries. Took a shower then took a nap

I am just waking up now and deciding what to make for dindin.
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hmm lets see....

Went and (finally) got the little one (3 year old horse ) into the round pen for some work, started showing her the saddle pad....
Ran to get a new collar and some de-worming medicine for the kitties (gross puke showed up last night, not completely sure its worms, but not willing to take the chance:ohnoe: )
Practised barrelracing
and just now settling down for some homework before monday. Lifes busy!
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