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Excellent results today in a 2 ring show.

Ring 1 Farley got 5th best in group.

Ring 2 - something I thought would never happen, 2 Ocicats in the top 5 in the same ring.
With so many breeds to choose from usually you only get 1 of a breed in top 5.

Ana took 5th and Farley got 2nd

Farley also won best Ocicat or Somali

He's right on track to finish in top 5 at the end of the year, not bad for a boy who was never meant to be a show cat

ETA, just going through their show bag. Farley also got another CCCA award, they only give out 1 male/1 female per group. This is Farley's second one, 10 are required for CCCA Champion status.
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Most excellent!
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Congrats - looks like it won't take him long Charlie will be retired after his September show (CFA). I'll just wait for Jack since he will be better then Charlie
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