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Blanket Kitty

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So, I've been sitting here on the computer for awhile now, and I thought Kitty was in the kitchen. Eveytime I looked over at the table, I thought she was laying on a chair seat. But then I realized she hadn't moved in a long time and looked closer, and it was just my SO's hat! So where is my cat?! She never goes far from me. I got up and looked behind the couch, in her carrier, her sratching tree, started to worry...then I looked behind me and there's a big lump in the couch somehow she got under the blanket that was tucked into the cushions on our new couch (that she is in love with) even though I see no opening. I've never seen her do that before!

if I was a cat, that would be a delicious place to nap probably (as long as no one sat on you)
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Cute! it's like they set up a little tent.
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Kitty was playing hide and seek with you!
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my kitten loves to sleep under the covers maybe yours dose to
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Haha! Too funny! One of mine does this under the bed covers after I make the bed. So all you see is this lump in the middle. I still wonder how he manages to get out without messing up the covers.
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